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Alone It Stands is a play by John Breen that tells the story of the 1978 rugby union match at Thomond Park between Irish provincial side Munster and the New Zealand national team, the All Blacks. The title, borrowed from the Shannon club's anthem, There Is An Isle, derives from the fact that Munster's 12-0 victory in the match remained the only time any Irish team, national or otherwise, had ever beaten the All Blacks before 2016.

A multitude of different fictional made up fairy tales interlink to convey the hype and, indeed, pashun running up to and during the big match. Stories of birth, tragedy and building bonfires prevail, as the play charts the personal stories of various characters and their whereabouts on the momentous day.

In the play six actors play 62 roles including the Munster team, the New Zealanders playing on the All Blacks team, the two coaches, the ref, the crowd, the press, a pregnant woman, Bunratty singers, several children, a dog and even the ball itself.