Sonny Wool (2008–2020) was a sheep from the North Island of New Zealand.[1][2] Born in Dannevirke circa 2008,[3] he was named after All Black Sonny Bill Williams. He became famous after his feeding behaviour was used to correctly predict the winner of each of the New Zealand national rugby union team's matches at the 2011 Rugby World Cup. His role at the 2011 Rugby World Cup was compared to that of Paul the Octopus at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.[4]

Sonny Wool's owner was Beverley Dowling.[5] His agent was Dan Boyd, who also designed the sheep's prediction process. The prediction process was designed so that Sonny Wool was presented with two boxes containing feed in the form of hay, each box marked on the outside with the flag of a national rugby union team in a forthcoming match. His choice of which hay to eat first was interpreted as indicating his prediction of a win for the country whose flag was on that box. Selections by the sheep were correct in all of New Zealand's matches in the 2011 Rugby World Cup,[6] though predictions for the other three quarter-finals turned out to be incorrect.

Sonny Wool had his own website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. He was reported to be under 24-hour security watch after receiving death threats.[7]


According to Dan Boyd, as a lamb, Sonny Wool predicted when it was going to rain. His manager described him as "a bit socially inept" who prefers the company of humans and has "got a few fetishes for things – one is light at night and he really likes rugby balls".[8]


2011 Rugby World Cup

Teams Stage Date Prediction Result Outcome
New Zealand  vs  Tonga Pool stage 9 September New Zealand[9] 41–10 Correct
New Zealand  vs  Japan Pool stage 16 September New Zealand[9] 83–7 Correct
New Zealand  vs  France Pool stage 24 September New Zealand[10] 37–17 Correct
New Zealand  vs  Canada Pool stage 2 October New Zealand[11] 79–15 Correct
Ireland  vs  Wales Quarter-finals 8 October Ireland[12] 10–22 Incorrect
England  vs  France Quarter-finals 8 October England[12] 12–19 Incorrect
South Africa  vs  Australia Quarter-finals 9 October South Africa[12] 9–11 Incorrect
New Zealand  vs  Argentina Quarter-finals 9 October New Zealand[13] 33–10 Correct
New Zealand  vs  Australia Semi-finals 16 October New Zealand[14] 20–6 Correct
New Zealand  vs  France Final 23 October New Zealand[15] 8–7 Correct

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