Ants in Your Pants
GenreChildren's television series
Music video
Created byKathilee Porter
Developed byTreehouse TV
Written byKathilee Porter, Bryan Levy Young, Kim Sparks, Rachel Bartels
Creative directorKathilee Porter
Presented byShelley Hamilton
Corey Michaels
Douglas John
Voices ofMarty Stelnick
Jason Hopley
Ben Deustch
Colin Penman
Theme music composerDouglas John
Opening theme"Ants in Your Pants Theme Song"
Ending theme"Ants in Your Pants Theme Song (Instrumental)"
ComposerDouglas John
Country of originCanada
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes107
Executive producerSusan Ross
ProducerKathilee Porter
Production locationsToronto, Ontario
CinematographyShawn Kelly, Andrew Baxter
EditorMarc Dupont
Running time27 minutes
Production companyYTV Productions
Original release
NetworkTreehouse TV
ReleaseNovember 1, 1997 (1997-11-01) –
June 15, 2004 (June 15, 2004)

Ants in Your Pants is a Canadian children's music video television program made and aired by Treehouse TV that ran from November 1, 1997 to June 15, 2004. The series was created and produced by Kathilee Porter.


The show's intro consists mostly of CGI animations with the "Ants In Your Pants" theme, written by children's music artist Douglas John, whose music videos also appear on the show.

The host, a puppet monkey in corduroy overalls, named Lickety Split, then takes over. He lives in a tree with his mother (who is not seen, only heard or mentioned). He usually explains what he has been doing lately. A music video is shown. Usually, there are three music videos, separated by Lickety segments. After the last music video is played, an image of scattered leaves is shown before the next Lickety segment.

In the second segment, the Pesky Carpenter Ants, named Chainsaw, Woodchip and Dusty, are introduced. They frequently cause trouble for Lickety, but can also be helpful and kind on rare occasions.

In the third season, "Kidding Around" and "Stretch and Wiggle" are presented. "Kidding Around" features a CGI video camera showing kids doing fun activities or singing songs. "Stretch and Wiggle" (hosted by Shelley Hamilton and Corey Michaels, and sometimes Douglas John) shows exercises. The last segment before the end of the show is titled "Lickety's Tree Fort" and features a guest star. Guest stars include Al Simmons, Bob McGrath, Carmen Campagne, Jack Grunsky, Jackie Richardson and Ken Whiteley.



Ants In Your Pants - Volume 1
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedAugust 1998
GenreChildren's music
ProducerDouglas John
1."Ants In Your Pants"Douglas John2:51
2."Ugga Bug[1]"Douglas John2:27
3."Ooey-Gooey"Dutch Robinson2:58
4."The Wiggle"Douglas John2:08
5."Barnyard Symphony[1]"The Barnyard Orchestra2:06
6."Inky-Dinky Spider"Leigh Powell2:38
7."Let's Talk Turkey"Douglas John2:17
8."Baa Lu"The Barnyard Chorus3:35
9."A Ram Sam Sam[1]"Dutch Robinson2:29
10."Do Your Socks Get Soggy?"Douglas John & MacHeel3:31
11."Woogie-Boogie"Jude Johnson2:39
12."If I Were Not A Little Kid"Martha Johnson3:36
13."Tomato Hat"Justin Hines2:45


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Ants in Your Pants was an entirely new concept in children's television.[according to whom?] Although many children's programs (both then and now) were very musically based, this was the first known to feature music videos. As a result, the show became popular with Canadian children and was widely praised by adults.[citation needed] Its soundtrack was a Juno nominee in 2000 for Best Children's Album.[citation needed] A number of music videos from the program began appearing on YouTube in 2007, with the highest-viewed including "Tomato Hat" by a young Justin Hines and "Do Your Socks Get Soggy" by Douglas John,[2] which each had more than 100,000 views as of January 2017. Other highly viewed videos include the Joe Scruggs songs "This Little Piggy",[3] and "Bahamas Pajamas".[4]


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