Chuluo Khagan
Third Khagan of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate
PredecessorShibi Qaghan
SuccessorIllig Qaghan
BornAshina Xichun
Ordu Baliq
SpousePrincess Yicheng (義成公主)
IssueAshina Momo
Ashina She'er
Shi Danai
FatherYami Qaghan

Ashina Xichun, also known as Chuluo Khagan (Turkic: Çula Han, simplified Chinese: 处罗; traditional Chinese: 處羅; pinyin: Chùluo Kěhàn, Middle Chinese: (Guangyun) [tɕʰi̯o˥lɑ˩ kʰɑ˥ɣɑn˩˥], died 620), was the khagan of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate, and second son of Yami Qaghan.He succeeded his elder brother Shibi and ruled for 18 months.


Since Ashina Shibobi was still a minor, Ilteber shad (Chinese: 俟利弗設; pinyin: sìlìfú shè) succeeded his elder brother as khagan, also creating him Nipu shad and appointing eastern territories to him.[1] He terminated the campaign started by his brother after receiving a large tribute from Tang.

Nevertheless, he created Yang Zhengdao (杨政道) a posthumous son of Yang Jian as puppet King of Sui (隋國王). Starting to plan a major assault as advised by Liang Shidu, he became allied to Wang Shichong and Dou Jiande. As part of the plan, he requested Dou to cross the Taihang Mountains and meet him at Jin (晉州, roughly modern Linfen, Shanxi) and Jiang (絳州, roughly modern Yuncheng, Shanxi) Prefectures.

However he died from illness, possibly poisoned by the Minister of Ceremonies (Chinese: 太常卿; pinyin: tàichángqīng) Zheng Yuanshu (鄭元璹).[2] Perpetrators were executed by Illig Qaghan.[3]


He married the Sui dynasty's Princess Yicheng (義成公主) in heqin, the former wife of Qimin in levirate marriage along with other wives. Issues:


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Ashina Xichun
Preceded by
Shibi Qaghan
Khagan of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate
Succeeded by
Illig Qaghan