Canned and bottle beer in 7-Eleven market in Malaysia.

Beer in Malaysia started in 1968, when two leading breweries of Guinness and Malayan Breweries merged to form a new company known as Guinness Anchor Berhad. Previously, the distribution of beer in Malaysia is mainly distributed by Malayan Breweries Limited which is centred in neighbouring Singapore.[1] Carlsberg establish its first brewery outside Kuala Lumpur in 1970.[2] By 2007, several local breweries began to establish their presence in the country although the demands for commercial beers are much higher than a newly local brands.[1] Beside local productions, most beers in the Malaysian markets are imported from neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.


As Malaysia is a Muslim majority country like its neighbours of Brunei and Indonesia, Muslim consumers are prohibited from buying and drinking alcohol related drinks including beer.[3] Any Muslims caught drinking alcohol in public places especially in West Malaysia will be caned and fined.[4][5]

However, no canings have been conducted since 2010 as the punishment has been replaced with a three-week community service at a children's home.[6][7][8]

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