The Bishop of Croydon is an episcopal title used by an area bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Southwark, in the Province of Canterbury, England. The Croydon Archdeaconry was transferred from Canterbury Diocese to Southwark in 1984.[1]

The bishops suffragan of Croydon have been area bishops since the Southwark area scheme was founded in 1991.[2] The Bishop of Croydon oversees the Episcopal Area of Croydon, which is made up of the Archdeaconries of Croydon and Reigate. The Archdeaconry of Croydon comprises the Deaneries of Croydon Addington (nine parishes), Croydon Central (10 parishes), Croydon North (12 parishes), Croydon South (10 parishes) and Sutton (14 parishes). The Archdeaconry of Reigate comprises the Deaneries of Caterham (nine parishes), Godstone (14 parishes) and Reigate (24 parishes), extending as far as Gatwick Airport and Banstead.

The Episcopal area was historically in the Diocese of Canterbury, as the Archbishop of Canterbury lived at Croydon Palace and Addington Palace when he did not live at Lambeth Palace or other episcopal residences, from their medieval construction until the 19th century.

List of the bishops

Bishops of Croydon
From Until Incumbent Notes
1904 1924 Henry Pereira (1845–1926)
1924 1930 no appointment
1930 1937 Edward Woods (1877–1953). Translated to Lichfield.
1937 1942 William Anderson (1892–1972). Translated to Portsmouth.
1942 1947 Maurice Harland (1896–1986). Translated to Lincoln.
1947 1956 Cuthbert Bardsley (1907–1991). Translated to Coventry.
1957 1977 John Hughes (1908–2001)
1977 1985 Stuart Snell (1920–1988)
1985 2003 Wilfred Wood (b. 1936) First area bishop from 1991.
2003 2011 Nick Baines (b. 1957). Translated to Bradford.
2012 2022 Jonathan Clark (b. 1961). Consecrated on 21 March 2012;[3] retired 21 March 2022.[4]
2022 present Rosemarie Mallett (b. 1959). Previously Archdeacon of Croydon.[5]


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