The Bishop of Bradford is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Leeds, in the Province of York, England. The title takes its name after Bradford, a city in West Yorkshire.

Upon the creation of the Diocese of Leeds[1] on 20 April 2014, the diocesan see was dissolved and its diocese's territory added to the new diocese, within which there is a newly created suffragan see for the Area Bishop of Bradford.[2] On 26 August 2014, it was announced that Toby Howarth was to become the first area bishop of Bradford; he was consecrated on 17 October 2014.[3]

List of bishops

Bishops of Bradford
April 2014 1 December 2014 Tom Butler (Acting) Acting bishop between diocese's erection and Howarth taking up the post.[4]
17 October 2014 present Toby Howarth [3]


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