Bishop in Europe
Robert Innes
Ecclesiastical provinceProvince of Canterbury
ResidenceWorth, Crawley (1993–2013)
Waterloo, Belgium (since 2014)
First holderGeorge Tomlinson
DioceseDiocese in Europe
CathedralCathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar

The Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, commonly known as the Bishop in Europe, is the ordinary of the Church of England's Diocese in Europe in the Province of Canterbury.


The diocese provides the ministry of Anglican chaplains, not only in the area of Gibraltar in British jurisdiction but also in all of mainland Europe, Morocco and the territory of the former Soviet Union.[1] The see is based in the City of Gibraltar where the bishop's seat is located at the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity.

Bishops in Europe John Hind (1993–2001) and Geoffrey Rowell (2001–2013) resided in England at Bishop's Lodge in Worth, Crawley, West Sussex (close to Gatwick Airport, to facilitate ease of travel). Incumbent Robert Innes (2014–present) is based in Waterloo, Belgium. The diocesan office and administrative team, with the office of the suffragan bishop, is in Tufton Street, London, part of the Church House complex.[2]

The bishopric has existed since the union in 1980 of the see of Gibraltar (founded 1842) with the Jurisdiction of North and Central Europe of the see of London (headed by the suffragan Bishop of Fulham).

List of Anglican Bishops of Europe

List of Bishops of Gibraltar in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar

(Any dates appearing in italics indicate de facto continuation of office. The start date of tenure below is the date of appointment or succession. Where known, the date of installation and ordination as bishop are listed in the notes together with the post held prior to appointment.)

Bishops of Gibraltar
From Until Incumbent Notes
1842 1863 George Tomlinson A founder of the Cambridge Apostles
1863 1868 Walter Trower
1868 1873 Charles Harris Resigned due to ill health, October 1873
1874 1903 Charles Sandford Died in office, 8 December 1903
1904 1911 William Collins Died in office, 22 March 1911
1911 1920 Henry Knight Died in office, 27 November 1920
1921 1927 John Greig Translated to Guildford 1927
1927 1932 Nugent Hicks Translated to Lincoln 1932
1933 1946 Harold Buxton Retired
1947 1953 Cecil Horsley Died in office, 10 March 1953
1954 1960 Frederick Craske Retired
1960 1970 Stanley Eley Retired
1970 1980 John Satterthwaite Also Bishop of Fulham. Translated to Gibraltar in Europe 1980
Bishops (of Gibraltar) in Europe
1980 1993 John Satterthwaite Retired
1993 2001 John Hind Translated to Chichester
2001 2013 Geoffrey Rowell Retired 8 November 2013.[3]
2014 present Robert Innes [2]

Suffragan and assistant bishops

The bishop also has one suffragan bishop, known as the Suffragan Bishop in Europe (currently David Hamid) and various honorary assistant bishops from the Church of England and other churches in communion with the Church of England. Immediately prior to the 1980 (re)erection of the diocese and the creation of the post of Suffragan Bishop, the Diocese of Gibraltar and the jurisdiction of Fulham shared a full-time assistant bishop in a similar post – at least Harold Isherwood and Ambrose Weekes served in that role; indeed Weekes became the first Suffragan Bishop in 1980. (See Suffragan Bishop in Europe.)

Edmund Capper and Ambrose Weekes were assistant (auxiliary) bishops of the diocese in 1988;[4] Weekes was still one in 2004.[5] Ken Giggall, former Bishop of St Helena, Chaplain of Sanremo with Bordighera was also an auxiliary bishop (1979–1981).[6] Frank Sargeant, retired Bishop at Lambeth, was an assistant bishop of the diocese, 1999–2008.[7]

Nicholas Reade, retired bishop of Blackburn, was licensed an honorary assistant bishop in 2013.[8]

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