The Bishop of Southampton is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Winchester, in the Province of Canterbury, England.[1] The title takes its name after the city of Southampton in Hampshire. The current bishop is Debbie Sellin.

On 20 May 2021, it was reported that Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester, had "stepped back" as Bishop for six weeks, in light of the threat of a Diocesan Synod motion of no confidence in his leadership. David Williams, Bishop of Basingstoke also "stepped back" and Sellin served as acting diocesan bishop.[2] Dakin's and Williams' leave, and therefore Sellin's time as acting bishop, was later extended to the end of August 2021.[3]

List of bishops

Bishops of Southampton
From Until Incumbent Notes
1895 1896 William Awdry Translated to Osaka and South Tokyo
1896 1899 George Fisher Translated to Ipswich
1898 1903 Arthur Lyttelton
1903 1920 James Macarthur Formerly Bishop of Bombay; also Archdeacon of the Isle of Wight. Resigned in ill health, remaining as Archdeacon and assistant bishop for the Island.
1921 1933 Cecil Boutflower Formerly Bishop of Dorking and South Tokyo
1933 1943 Arthur Karney Formerly Bishop of Johannesberg
1943 1951 Edmund Morgan Translated to Truro
1951 1972 Kenneth Lamplugh
1972 1984 John Cavell
1984 1989 David Cartwright
1989 1996 John Perry Translated to Chelmsford
1996 2003 Jonathan Gledhill Translated to Lichfield
2004 2009 Paul Butler Translated to Southwell and Nottingham.[4]
2010 2019 Jonathan Frost Formerly Co-ordinating Chaplain to the University of Surrey;[5] became Dean of York, 2 February 2019
2019 present Debbie Sellin since 3 July 2019 consecration;[6] acting Bishop of Winchester, 20 May 2021–present[2][3]


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