Bricklayer apprentice practising at Kuben Vocational Arena
SynonymsBuilder, construction worker
  • ˈbrɪkleɪə
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Civil engineering
Illustration of how the bricklayer, on clearing the footings of a wall, builds up six or eight courses of bricks at the external angles

A bricklayer, which is related to but different from a mason, is a craftsperson and tradesperson who lays bricks to construct brickwork. The terms also refer to personnel who use blocks to construct blockwork walls and other forms of masonry.[1] In British and Australian English, a bricklayer is colloquially known as a "brickie".[2] A stone mason is one who lays any combination of stones, cinder blocks, and bricks in construction of building walls and other works.[3] Bricklaying is a part of masonry.[4]

Bricklaying may also be enjoyed as a hobby. For example, the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill did bricklaying as a hobby.[5]

Bricklayers occasionally enter competitions where both speed and accuracy are judged. The largest is the "Spec-Mix Bricklayer 500" held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.[6][7]

Required training

Professional bricklayers usually go through a formal apprenticeship which includes about three to four years of on-the-job training combined with classroom instruction, though some bricklayers may learn entirely from on-the-job experience. Unions and employers may offer apprenticeships, which allow individuals with little or no experience in bricklaying to learn fundamental skills under a more experienced employee. Contemporary masons in many countries must attend trade school and/or serve apprenticeships in order to complete curriculum signifying that that they understand fundamental related concepts such as the effect of humidity and water ingress, thermal insulation, and general knowledge regarding the science of construction material, as well as occupational health and safety.[8][9][10][11][12]

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