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Code page 896 (CCSIDs 896 and 4992), called Japan 7-Bit Katakana Extended,[1] is IBM's code page for code-set G2 of EUC-JP, a 7-bit code page representing the Kana set (upper half) of JIS X 0201 and accompanying Code page 895 which corresponds to the lower half of that standard. It encodes half-width katakana.

Code page 896 is a 7-bit encoding and therefore does not use the high bit. When it used as the right half of an 8-bit encoding, all values except 0x20 use encoding bytes 0x80 above those defined in the code page[1] (i.e. with the high bit set).

In addition to the standard JIS X 0201 assignments in CCSID 896,[2] CCSID 4992 defines five extended characters at code points 60-64.[3]

Codepage layout

Code page 896 / CCSID 4992[4][5]
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
2x SP[a]
3x ソ
6x ¢ £ ¬ \ ~
  Excluded by CCSID 896 (differences from JIS X 0201 Kana set / ISO-IR-013)
  1. ^ Listed in Code page 896,[1] available as 0x20 when using ISO 2022 compliant character sets (except 96-character sets). Not used when the codepage is used elsewhere than 0x20–0x7F, e.g. when encoded in 0x8EA0–0x8EFF as part of Code page 954.[6]


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