Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord
Congregatio Discipulorum Domini
Formation1928; 96 years ago (1928)
FounderCelso Costantini, CDD
HeadquartersXuanhua, Hebei, China
AffiliationsCatholic Church

Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord (also known as, Congregatio Discipulorum Domini also its translation in Latin) is a Catholic religious institute, founded by future Cardinal Celso Costantini, an Italian, in 1928 at Xuanhua (Süanhwafu) of Hebei Province in China.[1] It was the only Catholic institute to be established in Asia.

The Congregation has been based in Taiwan since 1949 after Joseph Yang and other religious members fled; the congregation fell under the direction of Archbishop Joseph Guo Jincai.[2][3]


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