CW-15 Sedan
CW-15C Sedan on display at the Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum, Dauster Field, Creve Coeur, Missouri in June 2006
Role Civil utility aircraft
Manufacturer Curtiss-Wright
Designer Walter Burnham
First flight 1931
Number built 15

The Curtiss-Wright CW-15 Sedan was a four-seat utility aircraft produced in small numbers in the United States in the early 1930s. It was a braced high-wing monoplane with conventional tailwheel landing gear with a fully enclosed cabin, superficially resembling the Travel Air 10. At the time of the CW-15's design, Travel Air had recently been acquired by Curtiss-Wright.

Operational history

David Sinton Ingalls used a CW-15 for travel while campaigning for Governor of Ohio.[1]


powered by Curtiss Challenger (nine built)[2]
powered by Wright R-760 (three built)[2]
powered by Kinner C-5 (three built)[2]

Specifications (CW-15C)

Data from Curtiss Aircraft 1907–1947[2]

General characteristics




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