Department of Public Enterprises
  • 10 other official names:
  • Departement van Openbare Ondernemings (Afrikaans)
  • umNyango wezamaBhizinisi womBuso (Southern Ndebele)
  • iSebe lezaMashishini kaRhulumente (Xhosa)
  • uMnyango Wezamabhizinisi Kahulumeni (Zulu)
  • Litiko Leteluhwebo Lwahulumende (Swazi)
  • Kgoro ya Dikgwebo tša Setšhaba (Northern Sotho)
  • Lefapha la Dikgwebo tsa Setjhaba (Sotho)
  • Lefapha la Ditiro tsa Setšhaba (Tswana)
  • Ndzawulo ya Mabindzu ya Mfumo (Tsonga)
  • Muhasho wa Mabindu a Tshitshavha (Venda)
Department overview
Formed1994 (1994)[1]
JurisdictionGovernment of South Africa
Ministers responsible

The Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) is one of the ministries of the South African government. It is the government's shareholder representative with oversight responsibility for a number of state-owned enterprises (SoEs). The department is set to be shut down after the 2024 elections.[2]


It is estimated that South Africa has about 300 SoEs, nine of which fall under the responsibility of the DPE;[3]

Other corporate entities not under the Department of Public Enterprises include the South African Post Office, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, the South African Bureau of Standards, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and Sentech. Various other smaller state-owned companies exist in South Africa.

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