Department of Science and Innovation
  • 10 other official names:
  • Departement van Wetenskap en Tegnologie (Afrikaans)
  • UmNyango weSayensi neTheknoloji (Southern Ndebele)
  • Isebe leNzululwazi kunye nobuChwepheshe (Xhosa)
  • umnyango weSayensi nobuChwepheshe (Zulu)
  • Litiko leteSayensi neTheknoloji (Swazi)
  • Kgoro ya Saense le Tegnolotši (Northern Sotho)
  • Lefapha la Saense le Theknoloji (Sotho)
  • Kgoro e e mabapi le Saense le Thekenoloji (Tswana)
  • Ndzawulo ya swa Sayense na Theknolojia (Tsonga)
  • Muhasho wa zwa Sainsi na Thekhinolodzhi (Venda)
Department overview
JurisdictionGovernment of South Africa
HeadquartersBrummeria, Pretoria
Annual budgetR 9.145 billion (2022/23)[1]
Minister responsible
Department executive
  • Dr Phil Mjwara, Director-General: Science and Technology

The Department of Science and Innovation (DST; formerly the Department of Science and Technology) is the South African government department responsible for scientific research, including space programmes. The current Minister is Blade Nzimande.[2]

Much of the department's work is ultimately carried out through various quasi-independent agencies (although still usually government bodies) including:


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