El Salvador
UnionSalvadoran Rugby Association
Nickname(s)Los Torogoces
(turquoise-browed motmots)
Coach(es)Alvaro Gorostiza
Team kit
First international
 Costa Rica 57 - 3 El Salvador 
2 December 2012
Largest win
 El Salvador 32 - 0 Panama 
6 December 2015
Largest defeat
 Guatemala 114 - 0 El Salvador 
13 August 2017

The El Salvador national rugby union team (Spanish: rugby union equipo nacional de El Salvador), nicknamed Los Torogoces, represents El Salvador in rugby union. They had their first international tournament in 2011 in Costa Rica along the other teams from Central America, winning the Silver Cup.


El Salvador started playing matches against Guatemalan clubs in 2009, losing 3−85 against Xela and winning 37–11 against Santa Rosa.[1] Consequently, a victory against Xela Rugby Club 17–0, after clinching the second place in the Guatemalan Championship the "Torogoces" prepare 2 teams to give battle in the upcoming championship, which is in this case to bring the 1st place.

El Salvador's coaches are from France and Argentina. Even though rugby is such a young sport in this country, it is opening way within other popular sports. Recently,[when?] the Salvadoran Rugby Association (Federacion Salvadorena de Rugby) was recognized as a federation from the local Olympic committee, making it an official recognized sport in El Salvador.

El Salvador played their first international against Costa Rica as part of the 2012 South American Rugby Championship "C". They recorded their first international win, during the 2014 ARC, over Costa Rica. They went on to defeat Panama, which secured their first major tournament victory.[2]



Against Played Won Lost Drawn % Won
 Costa Rica 5 1 4 0 20.00
 Ecuador 2 0 2 0 0.00
 Guatemala 5 0 5 0 0.00
 Honduras 1 1 0 0 100.00
 Nicaragua 1 1 0 0 100.00
 Panama 4 1 3 0 25.00
Total 18 4 14 0 22.22


South American Rugby Championship
Year Tournament
Win/Loss Position
2012 C 0–3 4/4
2013 C 0–3 4/4
2014 C 2–1 1/4
2015 C 1–2 3/4
2016 C 0–3 4/4
2017 - - -
2018 C 1–1 2/3


Alvaro Gorostiza (Esp)
Juan Carlos Peréz (Esp)
Board of Directors


Current players

El Salvador's rugby union team has a mixture of local young athletes with the reinforcement of experienced foreign players. Torogoces now remains as El Salvador's national team, recognized by CONSUR as a member and will participate in south and Central American tournaments under that name. Rugby in this country has evolved and two clubs have been created: Cuscatlan Rugby Club and Santa Tecla Rugby Club, both still participating in the binational club league with Guatemala. Players from both teams will be selected by trainers and the Federacion Salvadorena de Rugby to be part of Torogoces for international tournaments. In September 2013, Cuscatlán Rugby Club became the first Salvadoran team to win the Bi-National League with Guatemala.

Women national team

COACH: Chad Hayward

Current players

Player Club
Nicole Saénz El Salvador
Dessyré dos Santos El Salvador
Leyla Abullarade El Salvador
Claudia Abullarade El Salvador
Gennifer Rivera El Salvador
Nory Olivares El Salvador
Claudia Mejia El Salvador
Daniella Beltrán El Salvador
Vannesa Umaña El Salvador
Gracia Viana El Salvador
Juana Zambrana El Salvador
Beira Romero El Salvador
Adriana Alvarenga El Salvador
Marcela Deras El Salvador
Renata Deras El Salvador
Aura Soriano El Salvador
Marcela Aguilar El Salvador

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