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Elisa Corporation
Native name
Elisa Oyj
  • Helsingin Puhelin (until 2000)
  • Elisa Communications Oyj (2000–2003)
TypeJulkinen osakeyhtiö
Nasdaq HelsinkiELISA
Founded31 January 1882; 141 years ago (1882-01-31) (as HPY HTF)
FounderDaniel Wadén
Helsinki, Uusimaa
Area served
  • Estonia
  • Finland
Key people
  • Anssi Vanjoki (Chairman)
  • Veli-Matti Mattila (CEO)
  • Jari Kinnunen (CFO)
ProductsRetail and wholesale fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services, internet services
RevenueIncrease €2.13 billion (2022) [1]
Increase €472 million (2022) [2]
Number of employees
Increase 5,623 (2022) [3] Edit this at Wikidata
Footnotes / references

Elisa Oyj (English trade name Elisa Corporation) is a Finnish telecommunications company founded in 1882. Its previous names were Helsingin Puhelin (until July 2000) and Elisa Communications Oyj (until 2003).[5] Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and online service company operating mainly in Finland and Estonia, but it also offers digital services for international operators and other companies.[6] In Finland Elisa is the market leader in mobile and fixed network subscriptions.[6] Elisa provides services for communication and entertainment, and tools for improving operating methods and productivity of organisations.[6] It cooperates for example with Vodafone and Tele2.[7][8]

Elisa is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.[4] In 2022, Elisa's revenue was 2.1 billion euros, and the company employed over 5,600 people.[9] In 2021, it was the third largest IT company in Finland in terms of turnover. [10]

Products and services

Elisa offers fixed and mobile subscriptions and broadband subscriptions under Elisa and Elisa Saunalahti brands but also cable-tv-subscriptions.[6]

Elisa Viihde is a video streaming service also producing Finnish drama, like the TV series Kaikki synnit (All the Sins) and Ivalo (Arctic Circle).[6] The series are first available to Elisa Viihde customers after which they are being sold to Finnish or foreign television channels.[11]

Elisa Kirja is an ebook service.[12]

For corporate customers, Elisa offers a wide range of corporate IT services.[13] E.g. the Finnish Government owned Suomen Erillisverkot [14] and OP banking group [15] have outsourced their IT services to Elisa.

Elisa International Digital Services unit[16] offers B2B services and products through its sub-brands Elisa Polystar, Elisa IndustrIQ and Elisa Videra. Elisa Polystar offers automated network management fro international operators. Elisa IndustrIQ offers automation processes based on machine learning to industrial manufacturers.[6] Elisa Videra offers videoconferencing and digital signage.


The roots of Elisa (1882–1999)

In 1882 electrical engineer Daniel Wadén started a telephone company called Helsingin Telefooni (telephone of Helsinki).[17] In 1985 the company became Helsingin Puhelin.[18]

The company launched the first commercial GSM service under the Radiolinja brand in 1991.[19]

In 1995 Radiolinja Eesti AS started operating in Estonia with a GSM network.[20]

In 1997 the company was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange as Helsingin Puhelin Oyj.[21]

Elisa Communications Oyj (2000-2003)

In 2000, the company got a new name: Elisa Communications Oyj.[5]

In 2002 Elisa started to cooperate with Vodafone.[7]

Elisa Oyj (2003–present)

Since 2003 the company's name has been Elisa Oyj.[5]

In 2005 investment company Novator Partners acquired a 10.4% stake in Elisa through a share swap when Elisa bought the smaller operator Saunalahti, which had been mostly owned by Novator. Novator tried to revamp Elisa in December 2007, but was opposed by Finnish institutions such as Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company. In October 2008, during the Icelandic financial crisis, Novator sold its entire stake in Elisa to Varma for 194 million euros (US$266 million), a price of €11.20 per share.[22]

In 2005 Radiolinja Eesti AS and fixed and Uninet AS providing fixed networks were merged as Elisa.[20]

Elisa launched the world's first commercial UMTS900 network on 8 November 2007.[23]

In 2011 Elisa opened a webstore selling E-books. Elisa Kirja (Elisa Book) service was offering e-books from the major Finnish publishers.[24]

In 2013, Elisa acquired Sulake, the company behind the teen-oriented online community Habbo. The acquisition followed a child sex scandal where Habbo had lost half of its userbase and Sulake were in financial problems.[25][26] Elisa sold the majority of Habbo to Azerion in 2018 and the rest in January 2021.[27]

In 2014, Elisa started using unlimited data as the basis for their monthly invoicing. The price was based on the data transfer speed. Soon other operators operating in Finland switched to similar pricing model. As a result, Finland became one of the leaders in the mobile data usage.[28]

In 2015 Elisa founded a startup team to accelerate startup operations.[29]

On 27 June 2018, Elisa launched 5G NR network in the Finnish city of Tampere and in the Estonian capital of Tallinn and was among the first operators in the world with their commercial 5G network.[30][31] In 2018 Elisa organised "AI Co-creation Challenge" during the Slush event. The winner of EUR 50,000 award was Lifemote.[32]

In June 2019 Elisa bought Swedish Polystar Osix AB, which was providing analytics, assurance and monitoring software solutions for international mobile operators.[33] Elisa had previously founded Elisa Automate, a startup focused on automating networks using artificial intelligence. Polystar was merged with it, resulting in Elisa Polystar [34]

In fall 2020 Elisa and NENT Group known for their Viaplay brand started a common brand called Elisa Viihde Viaplay. While Elisa was in charge of sales, marketing and customer care, NENT Group's part was analytics and technology. The brand was offering the widest selection of Finnish or Nordic original drama content as well as movies, series and programs for children from Finland and abroad.[11] In September, Elisa made new deals about 5G networks with both Ericsson and Nokia. It had started the co-operation with Nokia's 5G network in 2019. Elisa said that it was planning to shut down its 3G network by the end of 2023.[35] In March 2020 Elisa acquired a majority of US-based CalcuQuote [36]

In January 2021 Elisa bought a German-based industrial software provider camLine GmbH,[37] a share of Italian-based SedApta,[38] and later during the year majority share of Belgian-based Tenforce.

In April 2022 Elisa acquired Slovak-based FRINX [39] and in August Cardinality Ltd [40] At the end of 2022, Elisa's 5G network had population coverage of 86% in Finland and 70% in Estonia [41]

In February 2023, Elisa received a EUR 3.9 million grant from the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment to utilise the backup power of mobile base stations for electricity supply. The aim is to build 150 MWh of storage capacity [42]

Logos of Elisa (company)


Elisa serves both consumers and corporations. It operates nationwide and has employees also internationally.[12] Elisa's CEO has been from 1 July 2003 Veli-Matti Mattila[43] who is one of the longest serving CEO's of listed companies in Finland.[44]

55 per cent of Elisa's shareholders are Finnish households and institutions. In 2023 the largest shareholders were Finnish national institutions (Solidium Oy, Ilmarinen, Varma, Elo, City of Helsinki and State Pension Fund. [45]

HPY Research Foundation funds post-graduate research into telecommunications and by 2016 had made 232 awards worth €989,000.[46][47]

In February 2023 Elisa's main subsidiaries were [48]



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