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National emblem of Afghanistan
Adopted2013 (Islamic Republic)
15 August 2021; 2 years ago (2021-08-15) (Islamic Emirate)[3]
Mottoلا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
"There is no god except Allah; Mohammad is the messenger of Allah." (Shahada)

The national emblem of Afghanistan is a national symbol of Afghanistan that has appeared in some form on the flag of Afghanistan since 1901.

Historical emblems

Year numbers

Different years are shown in some emblems, as shown below. (Another year can be seen in the emblem of 1974–1978.)

Hijri CE Event Emblems
۱۲۹۸ 1298 solar 1919–1920 independence   (Third Anglo-Afghan War) 2004–2021
١٣٤٨ 1348 lunar 1929–1930 coronation of Nadir Shah   (Civil War 1928–1929) 1931–1973, 1992–2002, 2002–2004
١٣٥٢ 1352 lunar 1933–1934 1974–1978
١٤١٥ 1415 lunar 1994–1995 rise of the Taliban   (Civil War 1992–1996) 1996–2001, 2021–present

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  1. ^ The Islamic Emirate emblem is displayed alongside with the Islamic Republic, which remains recognized by the United Nations.[1][2]
  2. ^ Still in use by a number of diplomatic missions that recognized the Islamic Republic government.


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