Zonal pelargoniums are examples of free-flowering plants, which bloom profusely throughout the year.[1]

In gardening, the term free-flowering is used to describe flowering plants that have a long bloom time and may often lack a defined blooming season, whereby producing flowers profusely over an extended period of time, at times all-year round.[2] The terms long-flowering and long-blooming are also used for perennial plants that bloom for much of the year.[3]


Examples of free-flowering or long flowering plants include salvias,[4][5] thunbergias,[6] loniceras,[7] roses,[8] lavenders,[9] periwinkles,[10] gaillardias,[11] oleanders,[12] begonias,[13] bougainvilleas,[14] morning glories,[15] geraniums/pelargoniums,[16] hibiscuses,[17] and lantanas.[18]


This list includes plant species that are free-flowering, particularly in warmer climates:[19][20]


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