Parent companyHachette Livre
FounderMaurice Languereau and Henri Gautier
Country of originFrance
Publication typeschildren's books and magazines

Gautier-Languereau is a French publishing house, founded by Maurice Languereau and Henri Gautier, and currently owned by Hachette Livre, and used as an imprint for children's literature.


Founded in 1859 as Gautier, the company was renamed Gautier-Languereau in 1917 when Maurice Languereau became full partner with his uncle Henri Gautier.[1] They specialized in children's books and magazines and religious literature. Their biggest success came with the weekly magazine for girls La Semaine de Suzette,[2] published from 1905, and its flagship comic, Bécassine. The first Bécassine books appeared in 1913.[3] From that year on, the stories were written by Languereau.

The company was acquired by Hachette[4] in 1991.

Book series


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