NewsLink Pty Ltd
Company typeTravel Retail
HeadquartersSydney, Australia
ProductsTravel Products, Press, Convenience Items, Books, Music

NewsLink Pty Ltd (or LS travel retail Asia Pacific - formerly known as Lagardère Services Asia Pacific) is an Australian company responsible for providing convenience items and travel products in airports and railway stations in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Fiji.


NewsLink began in 1990 when its founder, Roger Wood obtained the rights to operate the newsagency concessions at railway stations in Sydney, Australia.

In 1994 NewsLink expanded into its first airport operations. The growth and potential of the business was soon recognised, and Newslink became the first company chosen by R. M. Williams and Australian Geographic to represent their brands in travel retail.

In 2000 NewsLink joined Times the Bookshop and opened the first TimesNewsLink store at Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore.

NewsLink became part of Hachette Distribution Services (HDS) in 2001. HDS is a worldwide company that operates an international network of media and entertainment stores and is owned by French conglomerate Lagardere. Newslink now falls under the Lagardere Service corporate umbrella.


NewsLink operates a number of chains of retail outlets, including:

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