Australian rules football is known by several different names, including footy and Aussie rules.

This list is an alphabetical glossary of Australian rules football terms, jargon and slang. While some of these entries are shared with other sports, Australian rules football has developed a unique and rich terminology.

Where words in a sentence are also defined elsewhere in this article, they appear in italics.




Ruckmen contesting a ball-up


Defensive player giving chase to an attacking player with the ball
Player gains possession in a marking contest
Player (foreground) moving in to collect the crumb from a contest


Player executes a drop punt



Field umpire
A football, known colloquially as a footy


Player wearing a guernsey


"Holding the man" redirects here. For the memoir, see Holding the Man.

Player preparing to handball
Players in a huddle




The follow through motion of a kick






The player on the left is on the mark


Pack of players leaping for the ball
Player performing a pick-up on the run



Player reading the ball
Runner (right) with his team's coach


Player preparing to smother an opponent's kick
Player takes a spectacular mark
Player preparing to spoil an opponent's mark attempt by punching the ball


Player lunging to tackle an opponent in possession of the ball







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