Artist's rendering of the Haven-1 Space Station in space
Station statistics
LaunchNET August 2025 (planned)
Carrier rocketFalcon 9 Block 5 (planned)
Mission statusIn development
Length10.1 m (33 ft)
Width3.8 m (12 ft)

Haven-1 is a planned space station in low Earth orbit that is currently in development by American aerospace company Vast.[1] The station is expected to launch no earlier than August 2025 atop a SpaceX Falcon 9. The first mission to Haven-1, Vast-1, is expected to launch a crew of four astronauts on board a Crew Dragon spacecraft to the space station for thirty days.[2] More launches are expected to occur using Crew Dragon to shuttle astronauts to and from Haven-1 over the course of its lifespan.[3]

The station will be unable to sustain itself over a long period of time and will rely on the Crew Dragon for long-term missions by using its life support systems.[4] Using Dragon, the station will be capable of sustaining 4-crew missions with 24/7 communication facilities, up to 1,000 watts of power, up to 150 kg of preloaded cargo mass, and science, research, and in-space manufacturing opportunities for up to 30 days.[5]

The crews aboard the station will also conduct experiments in an attempt to mimic the amount of gravity the Moon has.[6]


Haven-1's propulsion system is being built and provided by Impulse Space.[7] The propulsion system will consist of a storable propellant combination, nitrous oxide and ethane, propellant tanks, fluid lines, valves, sensors, control electronics and software, and Saiph thrusters as a reaction control thruster.[8] The station will also contain a dome for photography and viewing of the Earth for tourists, in addition to always-on internet through onboard Wi-Fi and resting rooms.[9]

In mid-February, Vast announced that it was partnering with El Segundo-based company AnySignal, Irvine-based company TRL11, and Singaporean company Addvalue for the providing of radio frequency and Inter-satellite Data Relay System (IDRS) connectivity, as well as advanced onboard video solutions for use in Haven-1.[10][11][12]

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