Omija-hwachae (magnolia berry punch)
Place of originKorea
Associated cuisineKorean cuisine
Similar dishesSudan
Korean name
Revised Romanizationhwachae

Hwachae (Korean화채; Hanja花菜) is a general term for traditional Korean punches, made with various fruits or edible flower petals. The fruits and flowers are soaked in honeyed water or honeyed magnolia berry juice.[1][2][3] In modern South Korea, carbonated drinks and fruit juices are also commonly added to hwachae.[4][5] Hwachae is often garnished with pine nuts before it is served.


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It is said that there are around thirty types of traditional hwachae.[2]


Bae-hwachae (pear punch)
Milgam-hwachae (citrus punch)
Subak-hwachae (watermelon punch)


Flower petals are coated with mung bean starch and blanched, cooled in ice water, and drained before being put in hwachae.[1] Flower hwachae is usually topped with pine nuts.




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