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International Federation of Building and Wood Workers
Merged intoBuilding and Wood Workers International
Founded1 April 1934
DissolvedDecember 9, 2005
HeadquartersCarouge, Switzerland
  • International
10 million in 124 countries (2005)[1]
AffiliationsGlobal union federation

The International Federation of Building and Wood Workers (IFBWW) was a global union federation of trade unions in the building, building materials, wood, forestry and allied industries.


The federation was established in 1934 by a merger of the International Federation of Building Workers and International Federation of Wood Workers. The International Secretariat of Stone Masons and the International Secretariat of Painters and Allied Trades later joined the organisation. As of 2005, it had 287 member organisations in 124 countries, representing a combined membership of more than 10 million workers.

The IFBWW was based in Geneva and had a network of regional offices. The organisation worked closely with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and the other global union federations, and had Special Consultative Status at the Economic and Social Committee of the United Nations.

The IFBWW held a congress every four years, consisting of delegates from the member organisations. The congress established priorities and strategy for the organisation, and elected the Executive Committee. which met immediately before and after the congress, and at the midpoint of the congress period. As supreme governing body during the intercongress period, it was responsible for all policies and operations of the IFBWW. The Executive Committee appointed a Management Committee, which was responsible for the administration of the IFBWW and for the implementation of its policies.

At its congress in Buenos Aires on 9 December 2005 the IFBWW merged with the World Federation of Building and Wood Workers (WFBW) to create a new joint global union federation, the Building and Wood Workers' International.


As of 2005, the following unions were affiliated to the federation:[1]

Union Abbreviation Country
Adivasi Forest Wood and Building Workers' Association AFWBWA India
Agriculture and Plantation Workers' Union SAPWU Swaziland
All Himachal P.W.D. & Irrigation Public Health Worker's Union AH.PWD & IPH.WU India
All Indian Building and Construction Workers' Union AIKTMS India
All Pakistan Federation of Trade Unions APFTU Pakistan
All-Indonesian federation of Wood Forestry and General Workers' Union DPP FSP Kahutindo Indonesia
Artisans & General Workers' Union AGWU Mauritius
Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangh ACMS India
Associated Consulting Engineers ACEEU Pakistan
Associated Labor Unions ALU Philippines
Association of Construction Worker AMACOA Dominican Republic
Association of Trade Unions in the Wood Industry in the Republic of Argentina USIMRA Argentina
Autonomer Süd Tiroler Gewerkschaftsbund Italy
Autonomous Federation of Forestry and Woodworking Industry Workers of Serbia Serbia
Autonomous Trade Union of Wood and Paper Processing Industry of Croatia Croatia
Autonomous Union of Road Maintenance Workers of Serbia Serbia
Azerbaijan Trade Union of Oil and Gas Industry Workers' Azerbaijan
Bangladesh Building and Wood Workers' Federation BBWWF Bangladesh
Bangladesh Sanjukta Building and Wood Workers Federation BSBWWF Bangladesh
Barbados Workers' Union BWU Barbados
Bermuda Industrial Union BIU Bermuda
Bhatha Mazdoor Sabha BMS India
Botswana Construction Workers' Union Botswana
Branch Trade Union of Civil Engineering and IGM Wooden and Road Economy NEZAVISINOST Serbia
Bricklayers Union of Argentina UOLRA Argentina
Building and Building Materials Workers' Union of Czech Republic OS STAVBA CR Czech Republic
Building and Public Works' Union SPBTP Djibouti
Building and Public Works Workers' Union Indonesia
Building and Wood Workers' Secretariat of NSZZ NSZZ Solidarnosc Poland
Building, Construction and Allied Workers' Union BCAWU South Africa
Building Construction and Timber Workers' Union of Fiji BCWTWUF Fiji Islands
Building Workers Union South Africa
Building, Construction & Timber Industries Employees' Union BATU Singapore
Building, Construction, Civil Engineering and Allied Workers' Union BCCEAWU Malawi
Building, Industry and Energy Belgium
Federation of Building, Public Works, Wood, Paper, Ceramic, Quarries and Construction Materials France
Cambodian Construction Workers' Trade Union Federation CCTUF Cambodia
Cement and Lime and Allied Workers' Union Zimbabwe
Central Committee Union of Building Workers and Construction Materials Industry Tajikistan
Central Union of Painters, Plumbers, Electro and Construction Workers CUPPEC Nepal
Ceylon Mercantile Industrial General Workers' Union CMU Sri Lanka
Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers' Union CEPPWAWU South Africa
Civil Service Employees' Association CSEA Zimbabwe
Civil Service Trade Union CSTU Malawi
CNV Hout-en Bouwbond Netherlands
Colombian Federation of Building and Allied Industries FECCA Colombia
Confederación Sindical de Trabajadores de la Construcción de Bolibia CSTCB Bolivia
Construction and Allied Workers' Union UECARA Argentina
Construction and Allied Workers' Union of Lesotho CAWULE Lesotho
Construction and Allied Workers' Union of Nepal CAWUN Nepal
Construction and Building Materials Industry Workers Union of Serbia SGIGM Serbia
Construction and Building Materials Industry Workers' Union of the Russian Federation Russia
Construction and Building Materials Industry Workers' Union of Ukraine Ukraine
Construction and Building Materials Workers' Union CBMWU Ghana
Construction and Building Materials Workers' Union of Slovak Republic OZ STAVBA SR Slovak Republic
Construction and Civil Engineering Senior Staff Association CCESSA Nigeria
Construction and Wood Union B&HB Netherlands
Construction Industry Trade Union of Croatia SGH Croatia
Construction Metal & Furniture Employees Union CMFEU Mauritius
Construction Site Workers' General Union CSGWU Hong Kong
Construction Trade Union Finland
Construction Workers of the Republic of Argentina UOCRA Argentina
Construction Workers' Union BMS/CWU India
Construction, Building Materials, Ceramic and Craft Union OGB-L Luxemburg
Construction, Industry and Water Supply Federation FCIW-PODKREPA Bulgaria
Construction, Public Works, Wood and Allied Union of Cameroon FSTBC Cameroon
Craft Workers' Trade Union FHF Faeroe Islands
Croatian Forestry Union CFU Croatia
CSC CSC Democratic Republic of the Congo
Cyprus Construction Workers' and Miners' Federation CCWMF Cyprus
Czecho-Moravian Trade Union of Civilian Employees of the Army Czech Republic
Danish EL-Federation DEF Denmark
Danish Painters' Union Maler Denmark
Danish Timber Industry and Construction Workers' Union TIB Denmark
Danish Tin and Plumbing Workers' Union Blik og Rør Denmark
Danish Union of Metalworkers Metal Denmark
Dignité Côte d'Ivoire
Eastern Railway Construction & Contractor Mazdoor Union ERCCMU India
EL & IT Forbundet EL & IT Norway
Ethiopian Industrial Federation of Construction, Wood, Metal, Cement & other Trade Unions Ethiopia
Federaçao Trabalhadores nas Industrias do Vidro, Cristais, Espelhos, Cerámica de Louça, Porcelana e Otica de São Paulo FETIVICO Brazil
Federación de los trabajadores de la construcción, madera y afines USO - FTCMIA Spain
Federación Ecuatoriana de Operadores y Mecánicos de Equipo Caminero FEDESOMEC Ecuador
Federacion Nacional de sindicatos de trabajadores eventuales o transitorios de Chile "Eduardo Miño Perez" FNSTETC Chile
Federación Nacional de trabajadores de la Construcción y la Madera FETRACOM Dominican Republic
Federación Obrera Ceramista de la República de Argentina FOCRA Argentina
Federación Regional de Sindicatos de Trabajadores Forestales, Construcción, Madera y Servicios Generales FESITRAFORMA Chile
Fédération chrétienne des travailleurs de l'industrie Fekrini Madagascar
Fédération des travailleurs du bois et de la construction du Togo FTBC Togo
Fédération libre bâtiments, travaux publics et bois Gabon
Federation Light Industry PODKREPA Bulgaria
Fédération nationale des syndicats des routes départementales - CSDR FNSDJ Romania
Fédération nationale des syndicats des travailleurs du bois et de la construction du Cameroun Cameroon
Federation of Building and Wood Tunisia
Federation of Building and Wood Workers FTBB Democratic Republic of the Congo
Federation of Building and Wood Workers of Faso FTBBF Burkina Faso
Federation of Building and Wood Workers of Greece Greece
Federation of Building and Wood Workers of Nicaragua FITCM-N Nicaragua
Federation of Building, Wood and Building Industry Workers' Unions EFEDOSZSZ Hungary
Federation of cement workers' unions of Romania FSCR Romania
Federation of Construction and Wood Workers from Paraguay FETRACOMP Paraguay
Federation of Construction, Informal and General Workers F-KUI Indonesia
Federation of Forest and Wood Workers' Trade Unions Lithuania
Federation of Free Trade Unions in the Wood Industry FSLIL Romania
Federation of Heavy Machinery Workers FETRAMAQUIPES Venezuela
Federation of Independent Construction Trade Unions CITUB Bulgaria
Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Building and Wood Industry Macedonia
Federation of Korean United Workers' Unions FKUWU Korea
Federation of Land Reclamation and Agriculture Structures Unions FSIFCA Romania
Federation of Trade Union Organizations in Forestry and Wood Processing Industries Bulgaria
Federation of Trade Unions Construction Workers' Unions of Mongolia Mongolia
Federation of Transport, Energy, Building, Wood, Chemistry and Communication ELA-Hainbat Spain
Federation of Wood, Forestry, Environment and Natural Resources Workers of Guatemala FESITRASMMAR Guatemala
Federation of Workers in Construction and Furniture Industries of the State of Rio do Sul FETICOM-RS Brazil
Federation of Workers in the Building, Wood and Allied Industries FETRACONSTRUCCION Venezuela
Federation of Workers in the Construction and Furniture Industries of the State of São Paulo FETICOM-SP Brazil
Federation of Workers in the Steel, Electricity and Mechanical Engineering Industries in Colombia FETRAMECOL Colombia
Fédération syndicale de construction et bâtiment FESCOBA Central African Republic
FIB-NTU Promyana Bulgaria
FIBW - Alliance Promyana Bulgaria
Fiji Electricity and Allied Workers' Union FEAWU Fiji Islands
Finnish Electrical Workers' Union Finland
Forestry Branch Trade Union of Latvia LMNA Latvia
Forestry Sector in the State of Maharashtra VKS India
Forestry Trade Union of Ukraine Ukraine
Forestry, wood and agriculture sectors Indonesia
General Agricultural Workers' Union GAWU Ghana
General Agriculture and Plantation Workers' Union of Zimbabwe GAPWUZ Zimbabwe
General Construction Workers' Union Sierra Leone
General Trade Union for Building and Wood Industries Workers GTUBWW Egypt
General Trade Union of Building and Wood Workers GTUBWW Yemen
General Trade Union of Construction Workers in Jordan GTUCW Jordan
General Workers' Union, Metal and Construction Section GWU Malta
GMB (Construction, Furniture, Timber and Allied Section) GMB-CFTA United Kingdom
German Metalworkers' Union IG Metall Germany
Government Servants' Association GSA Mauritius
Gujarat Forest Produces Gatherers and Forest Workers' Union GFPGFWU India
Guyana Labour Union GLU Guyana
Icelandic Electrical Workers' Union RSI Iceland
Independent Syndicate of Makedonijapat public service employees - Skopje Macedonia
Independent Trade Union Federation of Building and Raw Materials Industry SINDICONS Moldova
Independent Trade Union of Building and Construction Materials Industry in Bosnia Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Independent Trade Union of Forestry, Wood and Paper Processing in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Independent Trade Union of Georgian Architects and Workers of Construction and Building Materials Industry Georgia
Independent Trade Union of Workers in Forestry and Wood Processing of Montenegro Montenegro
Independent Union of Building Complex Workers of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Indian Farm Labourers Union HKMP India
Indian National Building, Construction, Forest and Wood Workers' Federation INBFCWF India
Indian National Rural Labour Federation, Tamil Nadu INRLF India
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers IAMAW United States
International Brotherhood of Teamsters IBT United States
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades IUPAT United States
Italian Federation of Construction and Allied Workers FILCA-CISL Italy
Italian Federation of Wood, Building and Allied Workers FILLEA-CGIL Italy
Japan Construction Trade Union Confederation KENSETSU-RENGO Japan
Japanese Federation of Forest and Wood Workers' Union SINRIN ROREN Japan
Japanese Federation of Chemical, Service and General Trade Unions CSG RENGO Japan
Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Commercial, Service, Food and General Workers' Unions UI ZENSEN Japan
Kenya Building, Construction, Timber, Furniture and Allied Industries Employees Union Kenya
Kenya Quarry and Mine Workers' Union KQMWU Kenya
Kenya Union of Printing, Publishing, Paper Manufacturing and Allied Workers Kenya
Kerala Building Construction Workers' Congress KKNTC India
Korean Federation of Construction Industry Trade Unions KFCITU Korea
General Union AC Belgium
Laborers' International Union of North America LIUNA United States
LANV LANV Luxemburg
Latvian Builders Trade Union LCA Latvia
Lithuanian Building Workers' Trade Union Lithuania
Local Government Employees Association LGEA Mauritius
Maharashtra Construction and Wood Workers' Union MBLKS India
Malayan Technical Services Union MTSU Malaysia
Meghacity Unorganized Workers' Union MAMU India
Metal & Allied Namibian Workers' Union MANWU Namibia
Metal, Construction and Allied Workers of UGT MCA-UGT Spain
Mixer Truck Drivers Association MTDA Hong Kong
Mongolian Industry Trade Union's Federation Mongolia
National Confederation of Building Workers and Associated Trade Unions Hungary
National Confederation of Construction and Wood Industry Workers CONTICOM-CUT Brazil
National Confederation of Forestry Workers CTF Chile
National Construction and Services Union of Guatemala SINCS-G Guatemala
National Construction Building & Allied Workers Union SABAWO - CONSAWU South Africa
National Construction Union SYNACO Senegal
National Distribution Union NDU New Zealand
National du bois et du bâtiment de Centre Afrique SYNABOBACA Central African Republic
National Estates Services Union NESU Sri Lanka
National Federation of Building and Forestry Workers FNTCS Burkina Faso
National Federation of Building and Wood Workers FNTBB Democratic Republic of the Congo
National Federation of Building, Public Works and Wood SYNABAT Guinea
National Federation of Building, Public Works, Mining, Energy, Fuel and Allied Workers FENATRABAT Chad
National Federation of Building, Wood and Related Workers FENEAL-UIL Italy
National Federation of Chinese Construction Workers' Union NFCCWU Taiwan
National Federation of Construction and Wood Workers in Panama FENATRACOMAP Panama
National Federation of Construction, Materials, Wood and Cork Algeria
National Federation of Construction, Wood and Allied Workers FECOMA-CC.OO. Spain
National Federation of Labor NFL Philippines
National Federation of Salaried Workers in Construction and Wood Industries FNCB (CFDT) France
National Federation of Trade Union Workers in Public Works, Building and Allied FNSTTPBACI Côte d'Ivoire
National Federation of Wood, Forestry and Allied Industries of Cameroon FENSYTEIFCAM Cameroon
National Federation of Workers in Construction, Wood, Services and Allied Sectors FETRACOMA Chile
National Federation of Workers in the Construction, Wood and Construction Materials Industries FENTICOMMC Dominican Republic
National Federation of Workers in the Wood Industry FENATIMAP Peru
National Forestry Workers' Union of Japan NICHIRINRO Japan
National Timber, Wood, Construction and Allied Workers' Union of Liberia NTWCAWU Liberia
National Trade Union of Building Materials, Wood and Allied Workers SNIMCMA Angola
National Trade Union of Building, Wood and Building Materials Industry of Mali FENIBABCOM Mali
National Trade Union of Building, Wood and Road Construction Workers of Niger SYNBBAROUTES Niger
National Trade Union of Carpenters, Bricklayers and Allied Trade Unions SNSCAASC Nicaragua
National Trade Union of Civil Engineering Mauritania
National Trade Union of Farm and Forestry Workers SINTAF Mozambique
National Trade Union of Workers in Civil Construction, Wood and Mining Industries SINTICIM Mozambique
National Trade Union of Workers in the Ceramic, Cement, Glass and Allied Industries SINTICAVS Portugal
National Trade Unions of Public Service & Allied Workers NTUPAW Liberia
National Union of Building & Wood Workers NUBWW Palestine
National Union of Building and Construction Workers NUBCW Philippines
National Union of Building and Wood Workers SNTBB Morocco
National Union of Building Workers, Wood and Public & Private Works of Senegal SNTBBTPP Senegal
National Union of Building, Engineering and General Workers NUBEGW Zambia
National Union of Building, Wood, Ceramic and Glass Workers NUBWW Israel
National Union of Civil Engineering, Construction, Furniture and Wood Workers NUCECFWW Nigeria
National Union of General Workers ZENKOKU-IPPAN Japan
National Union of Mineworkers NUM South Africa
National Union of Public Works SYNTRAGAVO Togo
National Union of Public Works and Transport Workers UNATROPYT Costa Rica
National Union of Workers in Private Enterprises, Building, Public Works, Roads and Allied Industries SYNBARCOT Togo
National Union of Workers in Wood, General Mechanical Engineering of Ivory Coast SNTIBMGCI Côte d'Ivoire
National Workers Congress Sri Lanka
National Workers' Union Seychelles
Nepal Building Construction Workers Union NBCWU Nepal
Furniture, Manufacturing & Associated Workers' Union NZ FMAWU New Zealand
Nikhila Orissa Bidyut Sramik Mahasangha NOBSM India
Nirman Mazdoor Panchayat Sangam NMPS India
Northern Amalgamated Workers Union AWUNZ New Zealand
Norwegian General Workers' Union NAF Norway
Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions Norway
Norwegian Wood Workers' Union NTAF Norway
Orissa Forest and Minor Forest Produce Workers' Union OFMFPWU India
Orissa Kendupatra Karamchari Sangha OKKS India
Pakistan Construction Federation Pakistan
Pakistan Federation of Building and Wood Workers PFBWW Pakistan
Palamoori Contract Labour Union PCLU India
PNG Timber & Construction Workers' union Papua New Guinea
Professional, Technician and Administrative Workers in the Wood and Allied Industries SUNTIMAVEN Venezuela
Public Services Workers' Union PSWU Ghana
Public Utility Workers' Union PUWU Ghana
Romanian Federation of Forest and Furniture Workers FSFMR Romania
Rural Labour Association RLA India
Rural Workers' Organisation RWO India
Russian Oil, Gas and Construction Workers' Union ROGWU Russia
Sabah Timber Industry Employees Union STIEU Malaysia
Samidn, Samband Idnfélaga Iceland
Self Employed Women's Association SEWA India
Sheet Metal Workers' International Association SMWIA United States
Shevaroy General Employees Union SGEU India
SILVA Trade Union Federation SILVA Romania
Sindicato de Trabajadores de Ceramica Cordillera Chile
Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Empresa Aguas de San Pedro SINTRAASPE Honduras
Sindicato de Trabajadores de Pizano SINTRAPIZANO Colombia
Sindicato de Trabajadores de Vialidades del Estado de Trujillo STV Venezuela
Sindicato dos Trabalhadores nas Industrias Fabricantes de Peçes e Pre-Fabricados em Concreto de São Paulo SINDRESP Brazil
Sindicato Gremial de Maestros de Obra de la Construcción y de Ocupaciones Similares SIGMOOS El Salvador
Sindicato Intermunicipal dos Trabalhadores nas Indústrias da Construção e do Mobilario "Solidariedade" de São Paulo Brazil
Sindicato Nacional de Operadores de Máquinas Pesades SINOMAPE Dominican Republic
Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de las Industrias de la Construcción, Madera y Afines SINTRAICMA Paraguay
Sindicato Unico de Trabajadores de la Construcción del Estado de Lara SUTICEL Venezuela
Sindicato Unitario Nacional de Trabajadores de la Construcción y Similares SUNTRACS Costa Rica
Sindikat Delavcev Gradbenih Dejavnosti Slovenije SDGD Slovenia
Sindikato di Empleadonan den Bibienda SEBI Curaçao
Skilled and Manual Productive Workers' Union Sierra Leone
Slovak Trade Union of Workers in Wood Working, Furniture and Paper Industries, in Forests and Management of Water Supplies OZ DLV Slovak Republic
Solomon Islands National Union of Workers SINUW Solomon Islands
South African Agricultural Plantation and Allied Workers' Union SAAPAWU South Africa
Southern Philippines Federation of Labour SPFL Philippines
Starfsgreinasamband Islands SGS Iceland
Swedish Building Workers' Union BYGGNADS Sweden
Swedish Electricians' Union SEF Sweden
Swedish Forest and Wood Workers' Union Sweden
Swedish Painters' Union Sweden
Swedish Union for Service and Communication Employees SEKO Sweden
Swedish Union of Clerical and Technical Employees in Industry Sif Sweden
SYNA SYNA Switzerland
Syndical national des travailleurs du bâtiment et du bois SNTBC Senegal
Syndicat national des travailleurs du bois et du bâtiment SNTBB Burkina Faso
Taiwan Mopan Workers' Federation TMWF Taiwan
Tamil Nadu State Construction Workers' Union TMKTS India
Tanzania Mines and Construction Workers' Union TAMICO Tanzania
Teamsters Canada Canada
The Employees Syndicate of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources Kuwait
The General Union Federation FAMILIA FGS Familia Romania
The Kyrgyzstan Forestry and Wood Workers' Trade Union Kyrgyzstan
The Kyrgyzstan Trade Union of Building and Construction Workers Kyrgyzstan
The Syndicate of the Ministry of Public Works Kuwait
Timber and Related Industries Workers' Union Russia
Timber and Woodworkers' Union TWU Ghana
Timber Employees' Union Peninsular Malaysia KPPPSM Malaysia
Trade Federation of Wood, Pulp, Paper and Construction materials - Federation of Free Workers Philippines
Trade Union Federation of Building Wood and Public Services of Albania FSNDSH Albania
Trade Union for Building, Forestry, Agriculture and Environment IG BAU Germany
Trade Union of Agents in Public Works in Housing and Transport SUATP/HT Niger
Trade Union of Civil Engineering, Construction Materials Industry and Projection of the Republic of Macedonia Macedonia
Trade Union of Construction and Building Materials Employees of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Trade Union of Estonian Forest Industry Workers EMT Estonia
Trade Union of National Construction Industry and Allied Workers of Honduras STINCAH Honduras
Trade Union of Technical Employees in Civil Construction, Public Works and Allied Industries SETACCOP Portugal
Trade Union of the Workers of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan TUWENRA Azerbaijan
Trade Union of Workers in Forestry and Wood Industries in the Republic of Macedonia Macedonia
Transport and General Workers' Union TGWU United Kingdom
Tropik Wood Employees and Allied Workers' Union TWEAWU Fiji Islands
Turkish Cement, Pottery and Glass Workers' Union CIMSE-IS Turkey
Turkish Forestry Workers' Union ORMAN-IS Turkey
Turkish Union of Road, Construction and Building Workers YOL-IS Turkey
Turkish Wood Workers' Union AGAÇ-IS Turkey
Uganda Building Construction, Civil Engineering, Cement & Allied Workers' Union UBCCECAWU Uganda
Unia Unia Switzerland
Union of Commercial and Clerical Employees in Denmark HK/Industri Denmark
Union of Construction and Woodworkers GBH Austria
Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians UCATT United Kingdom
Union of Employees in Construction Industry UECI Malaysia
Union of Forestry Employees Sarawak UFES Malaysia
Union of Polish Foresters ZLP w RP Poland
Union of Salaried Employees Finland
Union of Tile, Mosaic, Granite, Faience Layers and Polishers SOCAMGLYP Argentina
Union of Workers in the Construction and Allied Industries SOICSCES El Salvador
United Federation of Danish Workers 3F Denmark
United Front for Rural, Plantation and Construction Workers UNIFRONT India
United Steelworkers - IWA Council USWA Canada
Uttar Pradesh Gramin Mazdoor Sangthan UPGMS India
Uttar Pradesh Sarvazanik Nirman Vibhag (P.W.D.) Majdoor Sabha UPSNVPWD MS India
Uzbekistan Construction and Building Materials Workers' Trade Union Uzbekistan
Wood and Allied Workers' Union Finland
Wood, Forestry and Water Industries' Workers Union of Czech Republic OS DLV Czech Republic
Zimbabwe Construction and Allied Trades Workers' Union ZCATWU Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Electricity and Energy Workers' Union ZEEWU Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Furniture, Timber and Allied Trades Union ZFTATU Zimbabwe
Zwiazek Zawodowy Budowlani ZZ Budowlani Poland


General Secretaries

1934: Jaap van Achterbergh
1948: Jan Leliveld
1951: Arne Hagen
1966: John Löfblad[2][circular reference]
1989: Ulf Asp
2001: Anita Normark


1934: Richard Coppock
1960: Dore Smets
1966: James H. Mills
1969: Bram Buijs
1985: Konrad Carl
1993: Bruno Köbele
1997: Roel De Vries


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