Kenya National Congress
LeaderManson Nyamweya
Secretary-GeneralBenjamin Gisore
Women LeaderLillian Anyango
Youth LeaderEnock Onkoba
Secretary for InformationAlfred Asande Ongoro
FounderMaina Wanjigi
Kenneth Matiba
Titus Mbathi
Charles Rubia
HeadquartersMbabane Road Lavington, Plot No. 3731/55, Nairobi
IdeologyHuman rights
Social justice
National affiliationEagle Alliance

Kenya National Congress (KNC) is a Kenyan political party founded in 1991 during the early days of the return of Multiparty Democracy as a result of a split in FORD-Asili.[1][2] It has consistently fielded candidates in general elections since 1992 at Parliamentary and Local Authority levels. The party sponsored Gatanga Member of Parliament Peter Kenneth, who launched his presidential bid on the party ticket,[3][4] as well as an alliance between him and Raphael Tuju of the Party of Action[5] The stated vision of KNC, as according to its official web site, is to see Kenya as a proud and prosperous nation that takes care of all her citizens and where hope and self-confidence thrives among all Kenyans both at home and abroad.[6]

The Party Mission

The stated Mission of KNC is to provide a people driven Government that is participatory, and consultative, building a free market economy driven by the people; ensuring a more equitable distribution of income and wealth within a secure environment for all.

Party Philosophy

Kenya National Congress’ philosophy is to foster unity and unlock Kenya’s potential for a better and a brighter Kenya, guided by good governance under a stable and people-driven Government that is development- oriented, transparent, peaceful and corruption-free. In keeping with this philosophy, KNC stands FOR:[7]

Core values

KNC's stated beliefs are that:

Notable members


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