Roots Party
LeaderGeorge Wajackoyah
Secretary-GeneralAdam Mohamdhanif Kadernani
National organization secretaryWalter Kemboi Kimobwo
FounderGeorge Wajackoyah
FoundedMay 2022 (Prediction)
HeadquartersNairobi, Kenya
SloganTingiza Mti. (Shake the Tree.)
National Assembly
0 / 349
0 / 67
0 / 47

Roots Party Kenya (RPK) is a political group party headed by George Wajackoyah. Wajackoya was the presidential candidate and Justina Wamae was the deputy presidential candidate of the alliance.[1] The alliance unveiled its manifesto at Kenyatta International Convention Centre on 30 June 2022.[2] the Roots Party is a radical party without a real ideology but it does lean towards communism.

Slogan and symbol

The party's slogan is "Tingiza Mti" (Swahili for "Shake the Tree").[3] Their symbol is a tree.

George Wajackoyah's manifesto

The Root Party has 10 "Commandments of freedom". In Wajackoyah's manifesto speech which occurred at July 30th, 2022, Wajackoyah mentioned in the manifesto that Nairobi is a "corrupt city for the elite" and compared a possible capital change to Isiolo to Nigeria and Tanzania and saying that Nairobi is a slow city, mentioning that Nairobi only has 5 exit ways.

"Ten Commandments of Freedom"
  1. Legalize Bangi in Kenya
  2. Snake production in Kenya
  3. Starting an incentive for civilians to slaughter dogs
  4. Hang the corrupt
  5. Suspending the constitution
  6. Shutting down the SGR
  7. A four day work week
  8. Shifting Kenya's capital to Isiolo
  9. Making Kenya a federal republic and creating 8 federate states
  10. Deporting idle foreigners


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