King Zhuang of Zhou
King of China
Reign696–682 BC
PredecessorKing Huan of Zhou
SuccessorKing Xi of Zhou
Died682 BC
SpouseYao Ji
IssueKing Xi of Zhou
Prince Tui
Ancestral name: (姬)
Given name: Tuó (佗)
HouseZhou dynasty
FatherKing Huan of Zhou

King Zhuang of Zhou (died 682 BC) (Chinese: 周莊王; pinyin: Zhōu Zhuāng Wáng), personal name Ji Tuo, was the fifteenth king of the Chinese Zhou dynasty[1] and the third of the Eastern Zhou. He ruled 696–682 BC as a successor of his father, King Huan of Zhou. He was later succeeded by his son, King Xi of Zhou, in 682 BC.[2] His younger son was Prince Tui.





King You of Zhou (d. 771 BC)
King Ping of Zhou (d. 720 BC)
Queen Shen of Shen
King Huan of Zhou (d. 697 BC)
King Zhuang of Zhou (d. 682 BC)

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King Zhuang of Zhou Zhou Dynasty Died: 682 BC Regnal titles Preceded byKing Huan of Zhou King of China 696–682 BC Succeeded byKing Xi of Zhou