European Aquatics
European Aquatics
SportAquatic Sports
Membership52 federations
Founded1927; 97 years ago (1927)
Regional affiliationEurope
PresidentAntónio José Silva

European Aquatics (formerly LEN - European Aquatics) is the European governing body for aquatic sports affiliated to World Aquatics — it is the Continental Association for Europe. It was formally organized in 1927 in Bologna,[1] and since 2015 is headquartered in Nyon.

European Aquatics comprises 52 national swimming federations in Europe, and includes Israel which for Olympic-sport purposes is grouped with Europe.[2] European Aquatics is overseen by an elected Bureau (board) composed of Members representing 17 different Federations. European Aquatics oversees aquatic sports in Europe: diving, swimming, open water swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo.



European Aquatics organizes one championship (European Aquatics Championships), involving four of the five LEN disciplines (swimming, diving artistic swimming, and open water swimming).

Discipline championships

European Aquatics organizes five more discipline championships (swimming (25m), diving, water polo, artistic swimming, and open water).

Junior championships

European Aquatics also runs various competitions restricted to a younger age:

Masters championships

Member federations

The following national federations are part of European Aquatics (Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials are, however, banned from every FINA event through the end of 2022[3]):

Country Federation Founded Code
 Albania Albanian Swimming Federation (FSHN) 1931 ALB
 Andorra Andorran Swimming Federation (FAN) 1986 AND
 Armenia Armenian Swimming Federation 1993 ARM
 Austria Austrian Swimming Federation (OSV) 1899 AUT
 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Swimming Federation 1992 AZE
 Belarus Swimming Federation of Belarus (BFP) 1959 BLR
 Belgium Royal Belgian Swimming Federation (KBZB/FRBN) 1902 BEL
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Swimming Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1946/1992 BIH
 Bulgaria Bulgarian Swimming Federation (BFPS) 1931 BUL
 Croatia Croatian Swimming Federation (HPS) 1909 CRO
 Cyprus Cyprus Swimming Federation (KOEK) 1972 CYP
 Czech Republic Czech Swimming Federation (ČSPS) 1919/1993 CZE
 Denmark [4] Danish Swimming Union (SVØM) 1907 DEN
 Estonia Estonian Swimming Federation (EUL) 1910 EST
 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Swimming Association (SSF) 1980 FAR
 Finland Finnish Swimming Federation (SUiL) 1906 FIN
 France French Swimming Federation (FFN) 1920 FRA
 Georgia Georgian Aquatic Sports National Federation 1991 GEO
 Germany German Swimming Federation (DSV) 1886 GER
 Gibraltar Gibraltar Amateur Swimming Association 1946 GIB
Great Britain British Swimming (BS) 1869 GBR
 Greece Hellenic Swimming Federation (KOE) 1927 GRE
 Hungary Hungarian Swimming Association (MÚSZ) 1907 HUN
 Iceland Icelandic Swimming Association (SSÍ) 1951 ISL
Ireland Swim Ireland 1893 IRL
 Israel Israel Swimming Association (ISA) 1951 ISR
 Italy Italian Swimming Federation (FIN) 1899 ITA
 Kosovo [5][6] Kosovo Swimming Federation (FNK) 1997 KOS
 Latvia Latvian Swimming Federation (LPF) 1905/1988 LAT
 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Swimming Association (LSchV) 1981 LIE
 Lithuania Lithuanian Swimming Federation (LPF) 1924/1990 LTU
 Luxembourg Luxembourg Swimming and Life-saving Federation (FLNS) 1924 LUX
 Malta Aquatic Sports Association of Malta (ASA) 1925 MLT
 Moldova Water Kind of Sports Federation of the Republic of Moldova (FISN) 1989 MDA
 Monaco Swimming Federation of Monaco (FMN) 1976 MON
 Montenegro Water Polo and Swimming Federation of Montenegro (VPS) 1949/2006 MNE
 Netherlands Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB) 1888 NED
 North Macedonia Swimming Federation of Macedonia (PFM) 1947 MKD
 Norway Norwegian Swimming Federation (NSF) 1910 NOR
 Poland Polish Swimming Federation (PZP) 1922 POL
 Portugal Portuguese Swimming Federation (FPN) 1930 POR
 Romania Romanian Swimming Federation (FRNPM) 1930 ROU
 Russia Russian Swimming Federation (VFP) 1991 RUS
 San Marino Swimming Federation of San Marino (FSN) 1980 SMR
 Serbia Serbian Swimming Federation (PSS) 1904 SRB
 Slovakia Slovak Swimming Federation (SPF) 1990 SVK
 Slovenia Slovenian Swimming Association (PZS) 1922 SLO
 Spain Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN) 1920 ESP
 Sweden Swedish Swimming Federation (SSF) 1904 SWE
  Switzerland Swiss Swimming Federation (SSCHV/FSN) 1918 SUI
 Turkey Turkish Swimming Federation (TYF) 1957 TUR
 Ukraine Ukrainian Swimming Federation (USF) 1990 UKR

Member federation bans

On 3 March 2022, European Aquatics indefinitely banned Russians and Belarusians, and the corresponding European Aquatics member federations, from competing at or officiating any European Aquatics event to show support for Ukraine in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine in addition to banning European Aquatics events from being held in Russia and Belarus.[7][8][9]

European Aquatics Awards winners

Men's events[edit]

Year Winner Country
2008 Alain Bernard  France
2009 Paul Biedermann  Germany
2010 Camille Lacourt  France
2011 Alexander Dale Oen  Norway
2012 Yannick Agnel  France
2013 Yannick Agnel  France
2014 Florent Manaudou  France
2015 Laszlo Cseh  Hungary
2016 Adam Peaty Great Britain
2017 Adam Peaty Great Britain
2018 Kliment Kolesnikov  Russia
2019 Adam Peaty Great Britain
2021 Adam Peaty Great Britain
2022 David Popovici  Romania
2008 Dmitry Sautin  Russia
2009 Tom Daley Great Britain
2010 Illya Kvasha  Ukraine
2011 Sascha Klein  Germany
2012 Ilya Zakharov  Russia
2013 Patrick Hausding  Germany
2014 Patrick Hausding  Germany
2015 Tom Daley Great Britain
2016 Jack Laugher Great Britain
2017 Tom Daley Great Britain
2018 Jack Laugher Great Britain
2019 Aleksandr Bondar  Russia
2021 Tom Daley Great Britain
2022 Jack Laugher Great Britain
Artistic Swimming
2017 Giorgio Minisini  Italy
2018 Giorgio Minisini  Italy
2019 Aleksandr Maltsev  Russia
2021 Aleksandr Maltsev  Russia
2022 Giorgio Minisini  Italy
Open Water
2008 Maarten van der Weijden  Netherlands
2009 Thomas Lurz  Germany
2010 Valerio Cleri  Italy
2011 Thomas Lurz  Germany
2012 Thomas Lurz  Germany
2013 Thomas Lurz  Germany
2014 Thomas Lurz  Germany
2015 Ferry Weertman  Netherlands
2016 Ferry Weertman  Netherlands
2017 Marc-Antoine Olivier  France
2018 Kristof Rasovszky  Hungary
2019 Kristof Rasovszky  Hungary
2021 Florian Wellbrock  Germany
2022 Gregorio Paltrinieri  Italy
Water Polo
2008 Peter Biros  Hungary
2009 Filip Filipovic  Serbia
2010 Vanja Udovicic  Serbia
2011 Stefano Tempesti  Italy
2012 Miho Boskovic  Croatia
2013 Denes Varga  Hungary
2014 Filip Filipovic  Serbia
2015 Dusko Pijetlovic  Serbia
2016 Filip Filipovic  Serbia
2017 Marko Bijac  Croatia
2018 Filip Filipovic  Serbia
2019 Francesco Di Fulvio  Italy
2021 Filip Filipovic  Serbia
2022 Unai Aguirre  Spain
2023 Gergő Zalánki  Hungary
High Diving
2022 Constantin Popovici  Romania

Women's events[edit]

Year Winner Country
2008 Rebecca Adlington Great Britain
2009 Britta Steffen  Germany
2010 Therese Alshammar  Sweden
2011 Federica Pellegrini  Italy
2012 Ranomi Kromowidjojo  Netherlands
2013 Katinka Hosszu  Hungary
2014 Katinka Hosszu  Hungary
2015 Katinka Hosszu  Hungary
2016 Katinka Hosszu  Hungary
2017 Sarah Sjostrom  Sweden
2018 Sarah Sjostrom  Sweden
2019 Sarah Sjostrom  Sweden
2021 Sarah Sjostrom  Sweden
2022 Rūta Meilutytė  Lithuania
2008 Yulia Pakhalina  Russia
2009 Tania Cagnotto  Italy
2010 Christin Steuer  Germany
2011 Tania Cagnotto  Italy
2012 Tania Cagnotto  Italy
2013 Tania Cagnotto  Italy
2014 Tania Cagnotto  Italy
2015 Tania Cagnotto  Italy
2016 Tania Cagnotto  Italy
2017 Nadezhda Bazhina  Russia
2018 Celine van Duijn  Netherlands
2019 Ekaterina Beliaeva  Russia
2021 Tina Punzel  Germany
2022 Chiara Pellacani  Italy
Artistic Swimming
2008 Anastasia Davydova
Anastasia Ermakova
2009 Natalia Ishchenko  Russia
2010 Natalia Ishchenko  Russia
2011 Natalia Ishchenko
Svetlana Romashina
2012 Natalia Ishchenko  Russia
2013 Svetlana Romashina  Russia
2014 Ona Carbonell  Spain
2015 Svetlana Romashina  Russia
2016 Natalia Ishchenko  Russia
2017 Svetlana Kolesnichenko  Russia
2018 Svetlana Kolesnichenko  Russia
2019 Ona Carbonell  Spain
2021 Svetlana Kolesnichenko  Russia
2022 Marta Fiedina  Ukraine
Open Water
2008 Larisa Ilchenko  Russia
2009 Angela Maurer  Germany
2010 Linsy Heister  Netherlands
2011 Keri-Anne Payne Great Britain
2012 Eva Risztov  Hungary
2013 Martina Grimaldi  Italy
2014 Sharon van Rouwendaal  Netherlands
2015 Aurelie Muller  France
2016 Sharon van Rouwendaal  Netherlands
2017 Aurelie Muller  France
2018 Sharon van Rouwendaal  Netherlands
2019 Rachele Bruni  Italy
2021 Sharon van Rouwendaal  Netherlands
2022 Sharon van Rouwendaal  Netherlands
Water Polo
2008 Danielle De Bruijn  Netherlands
2009 Iefke van Belkum  Netherlands
2010 Sofia Konukh  Russia
2011 Alexandra Asimaki  Greece
2012 Anni Espar  Spain
2013 Jennifer Pareja  Spain
2014 Maria Garcia  Spain
2015 Roberta Bianconi  Italy
2016 Roberta Bianconi  Italy
2017 Laura Ester  Spain
2018 Sabrina van der Sloot  Netherlands
2019 Laura Ester  Spain
2021 Beatriz Ortiz  Spain
2022 Judith Forca  Spain
High Diving
2022 Iris Schmidbauer  Germany

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