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The Lacewood logo
The Lacewood logo

Amberwood Entertainment is a Canadian animation studio based in Ottawa, Ontario.[1] [2] It was founded in 1985 as Lacewood Productions by Sheldon Wiseman, as the successor to Hinton Animation Studios, which closed down due to debt problems.[3]

In 1995, Paragon Entertainment, acquired the stake of Lacewood and raised the stake to 75% in January 1997.[4][5] Debt problems forced Paragon to take control of Lacewood in July resulting Wiseman to launch Amberwood Productions that September which was then renamed to its current name in 1999.[6][2][3] Lacewood's library and former assets were acquired by Amberwood Entertainment in 2000 after the collapse of Paragon.[7]

The first productions made by the studio were The Railway Dragon and its sequel The Birthday Dragon. It produced a television series, Katie and Orbie, as well as specials based on For Better or For Worse, and the 1990 feature The Nutcracker Prince.

Lacewood has also done animation services on the first season of The Ren and Stimpy Show.

Lacewood has also done animation production in partnership with Universal Cartoon Studios on season 2 of Problem Child, Monster Force and 1995 episodes of The Savage Dragon.

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