Portfolio Entertainment Inc.
Founded1991; 31 years ago (1991)
FounderLisa Olfman
Joy Rosen
Key people
Lisa Oldman (CEO)
Joy Rosen (CEO)
Trent Locke
(Vice President/COO)
Sonya Roberts (Director)
DivisionsPortfolio Animation

Portfolio Entertainment is a Canadian television production and film distribution company.[1] It was founded in 1991 by Lisa Olfman and Joy Rosen with a focus on children's programming, later expanding into primetime and movie production.[2] The company distributes television programming internationally to more than 90 countries.[3][4] About four-fifths of its catalogue consists of in-house productions.[5]


Television shows and films

Title Years Notes
Groundling Marsh 1995–1997 Co-production with YTV, Disney Channel, PTV, J.A. Delmage Productions, Lyrick Studios, and Groundling Marsh Productions
Adventures with Kanga Roddy 1998 International distributor
Toad Patrol 1999–2002 International distributor
The Living Century 2000–2003 Co-production with PBS
Animal Miracles 2001–03 International distributor
Cyberchase 2002–2017 International distributor; produced by Thirteen New York and Nelvana
RoboRoach 2002–2004 Co-production with Helix Animation
Pokemon: Advanced Series 2002-2006 International distributor; produced by The Pokemon Company and 4Kids Entertainment
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids 2003 Co-production with Nelvana and MGM Kids
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends 2004–2008 Co-production with Nelvana, Callaway Arts & Entertainment, and AbsoluteDigital Pictures
Bump! 2004–2013 International distributor
Carl² 2005–2011 Co-production with PiP Animation Services
Heads Up! 2005–2008 International distributor
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! 2010–2018 Co-production with Collingwood & Co., Random House Children's Entertainment, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, KQED, Treehouse TV, and PBS Kids
You Gotta Eat Here! 2012–2017 International distributor
Doki 2013–2019 Co-production with Discovery Kids
Freaktown 2016 Co-production with PiP Animation Services
Bravest Warriors 2017–2018 Animation production; season 4 only
Hero Elementary 2020–present Co-production with Twin Cities PBS and PBS Kids
Doomsday Brothers 2020–2021 Co-production with Niveau 12 Media


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