Map of Guam
Map of Guam

This is a list of Guam territorial symbols:

Type Symbol Year Image
Flag The Flag of Guam February 9, 1948
Flag of Guam.svg
Seal The Seal of Guam 1946
Seal of Guam.svg
Nickname Nicknames:
  • Tano y Chamorro (Land of the Chamorro)[1]
  • Hub of the Pacific
  • Gateway to Micronesia[2]
Song "Stand Ye Guamanians" 1919
Bird Guam rail
Flower Bougainvillea spectabilis[3] 1968
Starr 030418-0058 Bougainvillea spectabilis.jpg
Quarter Quarter of Guam May 26, 2009
2009 GU Proof.png
License Plate License Plate of Guam 2009
Blank License Plate Shape.svg
Tree Intsia bijuga 1969
Intsia bijuga.jpg
Guam main highway sign
Guam main highway sign


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