Map of American Samoa

This is a list of American Samoa territorial symbols:[1]

Type Symbol Year Image
Flag The Flag of American Samoa April 27, 1960
Seal The Seal of American Samoa
Motto Samoan: "Samoa — Muamua Le Atua";
English: "Samoa — let God be first" [1][2]
  • Motu o Fiafiaga (a Samoan phrase; in English, it is "Islands of Paradise")[3]
  • Football Islands[4]
Song Amerika Samoa[2] 1950
Bird No official bird; see List of birds of American Samoa[2]
Flower / Tree Paogo (Ulafala)[5]
Pandanus tectorius
(officially designated as flower)[2]
Plant ʻAva (Kava)[2][5] 1973
Quarter Quarter of American Samoa 2009
License Plate License Plate of American Samoa
(current 2011 version features Fatu Rock)
American Samoa main highway sign

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