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This is a list of accessories released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (known in Japan as the Family Computer, or Famicom) by Nintendo and other various third party manufacturers.

Famicom 3D System

Family Computer

Since the Famicom lacked traditional game controller ports, third-party controllers were designed for use with the console's expansion slot.

Accessory Name Description Manufacturer
Arkanoid Controller Specific controller for three Arkanoid games. Taito
ASCII Stick L5 One handed Famicom controller. ASCII Corporation
Bandai Karaoke Studio Famicom Microphone and unit that operates on its own cartridges Bandai
Barcode Battler II Connected via a cable included in Barcode World Epoch Co.
BPS-Max NES-Max equivalent for the Famicom Bullet-Proof Software
Datach Mini-Cartridge adaptor with barcode reader Bandai
FamiCoin Licensed colored "coins" that can be placed on the controller's directional pad (possibly to provide extra grip or reduce the "Nintendo thumb") Taito
Famicom 3D System A liquid crystal shutter headset which gave compatible games the illusion of 3D depth, like the Master System's SegaScope 3D glasses. Nintendo
Famicom Data Recorder Device for saving and loading programs onto standard audio cassettes for programs made in Family BASIC. The Data Recorder and cassettes could also be utilized to store user-created data for the cartridge games Excitebike, Mach Rider, Wrecking Crew, and Castlequest. This feature was unavailable in the NES version due to it not being compatible with the Data Recorder. Nintendo
Famicom Controller The original Famicom controller. Two controllers were permanently attached to the Famicom. The second player's controller included a built in microphone but lacked the "start" and "select" buttons. Nintendo
Family Converter NES/Famicom cartridge adaptor. Honey Bee
Family Computer Disk System A unit that read non standard disks with content downloaded from Nintendo Disk Writer vending machines at stores. Nintendo
Famicom Fitness System (FSS) Bicycle Trainer Bridgestone Cycle
Famicom 4-Player Adaptor Allows 4 players to play games at once. Not compatible with the NES Satellite or other NES 4-player adapters. Nintendo
Famicom Light Gun A handgun-style light gun. Nintendo
Famicom Modem Used to connect to a Nintendo server which provided content such as jokes, news (mainly about Nintendo), game tips, weather reports for Japan and allowed a small number of games to be downloaded. Nintendo
Famicom RF Booster RF connector. Hori
Famicom S.D. System Plugs into system's expansion slot for use with headphones. Hori
Family BASIC Keyboard A Famicom keyboard only used in conjunction with the Family BASIC software. Nintendo
Family Robot A small battery-powered robot. Nintendo
Family Trainer A mat that allowed users to control games using their feet. Bandai
FAM-NET/FAM-NET II Connected the Famicom to an online service. Bridgestone
TV-NET Connected the Famicom to an online service. There are many option IC cards for connecting online services. Microcore
Piste Connected the Famicom to an online Keirin service. Microcore
TV-NET printer printer for TV-NET system Microcore
TV-NET RANK2 Connected the Famicom to an online service. Microcore
Gun Sight Voice activated laser headset. Konami
Head Cleaning Card A cleaning kit for the Nintendo FDS. Unknown
Joystick-7 Arcade style joystick with Turbo control for the Famicom. Joystick-7 Mk II Unknown
Joycard Sanusui SSS Controller with turbofire and adapter for headphones. Hudson Soft
Multi-Box Enhances the video. Connected to the right side controller nest. Unknown
Party Room 21 Controller A quiz show buzzer controller for use of up to six people. Unknown
Power Glove Virtual hand controller. PAX
Spica T89 NES to Famicom cartridge adaptor. Spica
Super Controller Joystick conversion cover for the Famicom Controller. Bandai
Toyo Stick Famicom arcade style controller. Toyo
Turbo File and Turbo File II External storage devices ASCII Corporation
Wu Ho Cassette Adaptor A NES to Famicom adaptor. Wu Ho

Nintendo Entertainment System

Accessory Name Description Manufacturer
Acclaim Remote Controller The officially licensed wireless infrared remote controller for the NES. Acclaim
NES Advantage Arcade style joystick for the NES. NES-026. Nintendo
Aladdin Deck Enhancer Allows the NES to play Aladdin game cartridges. Camerica
Arkanoid Controller Specific controller for the game Arkanoid. Taito
Battlestation II Multi-system controller NES/SNES/Mega Drive. Multicorp
NES Cleaning Kit A cleaning device that cleans the console and gamepak. Nintendo
NES Controller (Basic) The original rectangle NES controller. NES-004. Nintendo
NES Controller 2 (Basic) The SNES styled NES controller created for the NES-101. It's also nicknamed the Dog Bone controller. NES-039. Nintendo
Double Player Wireless head-to-head system. Acclaim
ENIO EXP Board Allows Famicom expansion port accessories to be used on the original NES, also mixes extra audio input from the cartridge slot. Chykn
Epyx 500XJ Handheld Joystick for the NES. Konix
NES Four Score Allows 4 players to play games at once. NES-034. Nintendo
Freedom Connection Adaptor to convert any controller into a wireless one. Camerica
Freedom Deck Arcade style joystick. Camerica
Freedom Pad Infra-red wireless NES controller. Camerica
Game Genie Cheat code adapter for NES cartridges. Normally only works on the NES-001 (front loading) control decks. Codemasters
Game Genie NES-101 Adaptor A special adaptor that (when attached) allows the Game Genie to have compatibility with the NES-101. It was primarily given away for free to all Game Genie owners, but only if they made a mail order phone request for one. After mail orders were no longer accepted some of the leftover stock did appear for sale in limited quantities at lesser known convenience stores. Galoob
The Game Handler A one-handed flight stick that controls by tilting. IMN Control
Game Key NES cartridge adaptor. Horeleg
HES Unidaptor Famicom and NES cartridge adaptor. Home Entertainment Suppliers
HES Unidaptor MKII NES adaptor. Home Entertainment Suppliers
HFC (Hands Free Controller) [1] A hands free controller designed specifically for people with physical limitations and special needs. It was worn like a vest, uses puff and sipping motions on a straw for the A and B buttons, and a chin stick for directional movement. This product was offered exclusively through Nintendo's consumer service number and was not sold in stores. Nintendo
Homework First Locking device with key to prevent play. Master Lock
Innovation Joypad Turbo controller with cord on the left instead of top. "START" is labeled "CTART". Called "Innovation 8 Bit Controller" on box and "Innovation Joypad" on the actual controller. Innovation Entertainment
Jammer NES Advantage clone. Beeshu, Inc.
Joycard Sanusui SSS Controller with turbofire and adapter for headphones. Hudson Soft
LaserScope Voice activated laser headset. Konami
Magic Key NES cartridge adaptor. Magic Key
Mega Programmable control pad with an LCD screen. Bandai
Modem Modem allowing people to use Nintendo equipment to play the state lottery in the comfort of their living rooms. Use the expansion port. Nintendo
Miracle Piano Game that teaches keyboarding with a real keyboard. The Software Toolworks
NES Max A controller with a sliding control pad and rapid-fire buttons. NES-027. Nintendo
Power Glove Virtual hand controller. Mattel
Power Pad NES exercise mat. NES-028. See also - Family Fun Fitness Nintendo
Pro Beam Light Gun A Zapper Light Gun clone for NES. Dominator
Quickshot Arcade QS-128n NES Advantage clone. QuickShot
Quickshot Aviator 2 Flight simulator style NES controller. QuickShot
Quickshot Trackball Controller with two buttons and a trackball. QuickShot
Quickshot Wizmaster Wireless controller. Quickshot
Quickshot sighting scope NES Zapper-scope. QuickShot
R.O.B. A small battery-powered robot. Nintendo
Roll & Rocker A tilting teeterboard directional controller in which a standing player tilts their weight in the four cardinal directions to control the game[2][3][4] LJN
NES Satellite Wireless four-player adapter for NES. NES-032. Nintendo
Speedboard A piece of plastic that you put your controller in that "puts the speed at your fingers". Pressman
Speedking Joystick with buttons on the side of the base and autofire setting. Konix
Super Chair A chair controller; direction is determined by leaning in the chair and the A, B, Start, and Select buttons are on hand grips. Sangkharom Trading Company
Super Controller Joystick conversion cover for the NES Controller (Basic) Bandai
Superstick Infra-red wireless joystick. Beeshu, Inc.
Turbo Tech Controller Controller for NES. Unknown Manufacturer
Turbo Touch 360 Touch sensor controller. Triax
Turbotronic Arcade style joystick. Camerica
U-Force Programmable "hands free" technology. Brøderbund
Ultimate Superstick Arcade style joystick. Beeshu, Inc.
Zapper Light Gun Official NES light gun. NES-005. Came in both grey and orange color variations. See also - Video game light gun Nintendo
Zinger Turbo fire joystick. Beeshu, Inc.
Zipper Turbo fire control pad with small removable joystick that goes into its D-pad. Beeshu, Inc.
Zoomer Flight simulator joystick. Beeshu, Inc.

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