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The NES Satellite

The NES Satellite is a Nintendo Entertainment System multiplayer adaptor accessory (multitap), created by Nintendo and released in 1989 as a part of the NES Sports Set.

With select supporting games, the Satellite allows up to four players to play the NES, potentially simultaneously. Additionally, it acts as a wireless range extender adaptor for all wired controllers, with the use of portable, battery-powered, infrared technology. While a normal controller has a range of 7.6 feet, the NES Satellite expands the usable range to 15 feet.[1][2] A small infrared receiver plugs into the two controller ports on the front of the NES. The main Satellite unit is powered by six C-cell batteries and must have a line of sight to the receiver. The unit has four controller ports which accommodate any type of wired NES controllers. The unit provides "Turbo" selectors for both the A and B buttons.

A similar four-player adaptor called the NES Four Score was released a year later, although it does not allow wireless play.


These licensed games are compatible with the NES Satellite's four-player abilities.

These homebrew games are also compatible.


  1. ^ Up to three simultaneous players
  2. ^ Up to four players, alternating
  3. ^ Two simultaneous players, with one using one or two controllers

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