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The following is a list of countries by live animal exports. Data is for 2019, in millions of United States dollars, as reported by International Trade Centre.[1] Currently the top twenty countries are listed.

# Country Value Main exports
1  France 2,400 Cattle, Horse, Pig, Chicken and Bovine
2  Netherlands 2,297 Pig, Horse, Chicken and Cattle
3  Denmark 1,547 Pig, Cattle, Chicken and Horse
4  Germany 1,504 Chicken, Cattle, Horses, Pig and Turkey
5  Canada 1,492 Cattle, Pig, Horse, Bison and Turkey
6  Australia 1,486 Cattle, Horse and Sheep
7  United States 1,053 Chicken, Horse and Cattle
8  Mexico 831 Cattle, Bovine and Horse
9  Spain 796 Cattle, Pig, Sheep and Chicken
10  Belgium 753 Pig, Cattle, Chicken and Insects
11  United Kingdom 726 Horse, Chicken, Sheep and Turkey
12  Hong Kong 570 Horse and Reptiles
13  China 509 Pig, Bovine, Primates and Reptiles
14  Ireland 509 Horse, Cattle and Pig
15  Sudan 502 Sheep, Bovine, Goat and Camel
16  Romania 489 Sheep, Cattle, Chicken and Bovine
17  Hungary 469 Cattle, Chicken, Sheep and Pig
18  Brazil 456 Cattle, Chicken and Bovine
19  Thailand 381 Cattle, Pig and Bison
20  Czech Republic 376 Cattle, Pig, Chicken, Goose and Turkey


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