The Deputy Chief Minister of Odisha is a member of the Cabinet of Odisha Government in the Government of Odisha. Not a constitutional office, it seldom carries any specific powers.[1] A deputy chief minister usually also holds a cabinet portfolio such as home minister or finance minister. In the parliamentary system of government, the Chief Minister is treated as the "first among equals" in the cabinet; the position of deputy chief minister is used to bring political stability and strength within a coalition government.

List of Deputy Chief Ministers

Sr. No. Name
Portrait Term of office Political Party Chief Minister Ref
1 Nilamani Routray
14 June 1972 1 March 1973 260 days Utkal Congress Nandini Satpathy [2]
2 Hemananda Biswal
15 March 1995 9 May 1998 3 years, 55 days Indian National Congress Janaki Ballabh Patnaik [3]
3 Basant Kumar Biswal
17 February 1999 3 years, 339 days [4]

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