Detailed physical map of Lithuania

There are about 6,000 lakes in Lithuania, covering 950 km², or 1.5% of the territory of Lithuania. The lakes are not evenly distributed; most are situated in the Baltic Highlands, which begin near the border with Poland on the southeast and extend northward along the border with Belarus to Latvia.

About 1,200 are supported only by groundwater and neither receive nor distribute any surface water. However, many of the other lakes are interconnected by complex passages and rivulets. These lake systems are major tourist attractions in Aukštaitija National Park and are popular with kayakers. The lakes in and near the Molėtai district municipality are a weekend destination for many residents of Vilnius, who have built summer houses and villas in the area.

Lake origins

Lakes in Aukštaitija National Park, seen from Ladakalnis Hill

The great majority of Lithuania's lakes formed after the Wisconsin glacier retreated. The oldest date from about 13,000 years before the present. The varieties of glacial lakes include:

Lūšiai Lake near Palūšė
Asveja Lake near Dubingiai

The lakes of non-glacial origins include:

Largest lakes

# Natural lakes Reservoirs
Name Area (km²) Max. depth (m) Notes Name Area (km²) River Year finished
1 Lake Drūkšiai 44.8 33.3 Shared with Belarus; supports Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Kaunas Reservoir 63.50 Nemunas River 1959
2 Lake Dysnai 24.39 6.0 Antalieptė Reservoir 15.72 Šventoji River 1959
3 Lake Dusia 23.34 31.7 Elektrėnai Reservoir 12.64 Strėva 1961
4 Lake Vištytis 17.9 52 Shared with Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast), highest lake elevation (170 meters above sea level) Kupiškis Reservoir 8.28 Lėvuo 1984
5 Lake Sartai 13.31 20.9 Longest shoreline (79 kilometers), known for horse races on ice Kapčiamiestis Reservoir 7.17 Šventoji 1957
6 Lake Luodis 13.02 18.4 Bubiai Reservoir 4.18 Dubysa 1978
7 Lake Metelys 12.86 15.0 Lake Širvėna 3.35 Apaščia 1580
8 Lake Avilys 12.58 13.5 Has the most islands (31) Kruonis Reservoir 3.06 - 1992
9 Lake Plateliai 12.04 46.0 Largest lake in Samogitia, well known for yachting Aukštadvaris Reservoir 2.93 Verknė 1960
10 Lake Rėkyva 11.84 4.5 Part of Šiauliai city Balskai Reservoir 2.8 Jūra 1963

Other notable lakes

Trakai castle, situated on a lake island


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