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This is a list of unguided rockets and missiles used for military purposes.


This list is incomplete; you can help by adding missing items. (February 2011)
List of Military Rockets
Name Type Country of Origin
AIR-2 Genie Air-to-air rocket  USA
Gimlet Air-to-air rocket  USA
Le Prieur Air-to-air rocket  France
Arash Tactical rocket  Iran
T-122 Sakarya Tactical rocket  Turkey
BORA Tactical rocket  Turkey
Kasirga rocket system Tactical rocket  Turkey
TOROS artillery rocket system Tactical rocket  Turkey
Mk 4/Mk 40 folding-fin aerial rocket Air-to-air rocket  USA
R4M rocket Air-to-air rocket  Germany
RS-82 rocket Air-to-air rocket  Soviet Union
Werfer-Granate 21 Air-to-air rocket  Germany
3.5-inch forward firing aircraft rocket Air-to-surface rocket  USA
5-inch forward firing aircraft rocket Air-to-surface rocket  USA
8 cm Flz.-Rakete Oerlikon Air-to-surface rocket   Switzerland
BOAR Air-to-surface rocket  USA
Naze'at 6-H Tactical rocket  Iran
Naze'at 10-H Tactical rocket  Iran
CRV7 Air-to-surface rocket  Canada
High velocity aircraft rocket Air-to-surface rocket  USA
Hydra 70 Air-to-surface rocket  USA
Mk 4/Mk 40 folding-fin aerial rocket Air-to-surface rocket  USA
Ram Air-to-surface rocket  USA
Red Angel Air-to-surface rocket  United Kingdom
RP-3 Air-to-surface rocket  United Kingdom
RS-82 Air-to-surface rocket  Soviet Union
RS-132 Air-to-surface rocket  Soviet Union
S-5 (ARS-57) Air-to-surface rocket  Soviet Union
Shahin Tactical rocket  Iran
Fajr-4 Air-to-surface rocket  Iran
Badr-1 Tactical rocket  Yemen
S-8 Air-to-surface rocket  Soviet Union
S-13 Air-to-surface rocket  Soviet Union
S-24 Air-to-surface rocket  Soviet Union
S-25 Air-to-surface rocket  Soviet Union
KRL-122 Tactical rocket  Pakistan
SNEB Air-to-surface rocket  France
Sakr-18 Tactical rocket  Egypt
Sakr-36 Tactical rocket  Egypt
Sakr-45 Tactical rocket  Egypt
Jobaria Defense Systems Multiple Cradle Launcher Tactical rocket  United Arab Emirates
Falaq-1 Tactical rocket  Iran
Falaq-2 Tactical rocket  Iran
SNORA Air-to-surface rocket   Switzerland
SURA Air-to-surface rocket   Switzerland
Tiny Tim Air-to-surface rocket  USA
Oghab Tactical rocket  Iran
Alcotán-100 Anti-tank rocket  Spain
APILAS Anti-tank rocket  France
AT4 Anti-tank rocket  Sweden
AT-4 Spigot Anti-tank rocket  Soviet Union
B-300 Anti-tank rocket  Israel
Bazooka Anti-tank rocket  USA
C90-CR (M3) Anti-tank rocket  Spain
Folgore Anti-tank rocket  Italy
FT-5 Anti-tank rocket  South Africa
Heller Anti-tank rocket  Canada
Hungarian 44M Anti-tank rocket  Hungary
LRAC F1 Anti-tank rocket  France
M72 LAW Anti-tank rocket  USA
M79 Osa Anti-tank rocket  Yugoslavia
M80 Zolja Anti-tank rocket  SFR Yugoslavia
M90 Strsljen Anti-tank rocket  Serbia
MARA Anti-tank rocket  Argentina
PF-89 Anti-tank rocket  China
Panzerschreck (Raketenpanzerbüchse) Anti-tank rocket  Germany
Panzerfaust 3 Anti-tank rocket  Germany
PG-7VR Anti-tank rocket  Soviet Union
RL-83 Blindicide Anti-tank rocket  Belgium
Zelzal-1 Tactical rocket  Iran
Zelzal-2 Tactical rocket  Iran
Zelzal-3 Tactical rocket  Iran
RPG-7 Anti-tank rocket  Soviet Union
RPG-16 Anti-tank rocket  Soviet Union
RPG-18 "Muha" Anti-tank rocket  Soviet Union
RPG-22 "Netto" Anti-tank rocket  Soviet Union
RPG-26 "Aglen" Anti-tank rocket  Soviet Union
RPG-27 "Tavolga" Anti-tank rocket  Soviet Union
RPG-28 Anti-tank rocket  Russia
RPG-29 "Vampir" Anti-tank rocket  Soviet Union
RPG-30 Anti-tank rocket  Russia
RPG-32 "Hashim" Anti-tank rocket  Russia
RPG-76 Komar Anti-tank rocket  Poland
Sarpac Anti-tank rocket  France
SMAW Anti-tank rocket  USA
Type 69 RPG Anti-tank rocket  China
Viper (FGR-17) Anti-tank rocket  USA
Yasin Anti-tank rocket  Palestine
Al-Najm al-Thaqib Tactical rocket  Yemen
Bo-hiya Tactical rocket  Japan
Congreve rocket Tactical rocket  United Kingdom
M8 4.5-inch rocket Tactical rocket  USA
M16 4.5-inch rocket Tactical rocket  USA
Fajr-1 Tactical rocket  Iran
Fajr-3 Tactical rocket  Iran
Fajr-5 Tactical rocket  Iran
MGR-1 Honest John Tactical rocket  USA
Mysorean rockets Tactical rocket  United Kingdom
Khaibar-1 Tactical rocket  Syria
MGR-3 Little John (MGR-3) Tactical rocket  USA
Qassam Tactical rocket  Palestine
Singijeon Tactical rocket  Korea
RP-3 Tactical rocket  United Kingdom
Saegheh Tactical rocket  Iran
Ogbunigwe Tactical rocket  Biafra
CY-1 Anti-submarine rocket  China
Mousetrap Anti-submarine rocket  USA
RBK-1200 ASRL Anti-submarine rocket TBD
RBU-1000 (RGB-10) Anti-submarine rocket  Soviet Union
RBU-6000 (RGB-60) Anti-submarine rocket  Soviet Union
ASROC (RUR-5) Anti-submarine rocket  USA
RUR-4 Weapon Alpha Anti-submarine rocket  USA
UDAV-1 Anti-submarine rocket  Soviet Union
2.25-inch sub-caliber aircraft rocket Training rocket  USA
MQR-13 BMTS Training rocket  USA
MQR-16 Gunrunner Training rocket  USA
LOCAT Training rocket  USA
GTR-18 Smokey Sam Training rocket  USA

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