The number of national daily newspapers in Hungary was 21 in 1950 and it increased to 40 in 1965.[1] In 1986 the Press Act became effective, regulating the newspaper market in the country.[2] Following the collapse of the communist regime the act was revised in January 1990.[2]

This is a list of Hungarian newspapers and other papers, online newspapers and portals as well.



Title Language Print / Online Est. Owner Orientation Link Hungarian Online 1996 Central Media Group Centre, liberalism Hungarian Online 1989 Brit Media Group Left, liberalism
444 Hungarian Online 2013 Magyar Jeti Zrt. Left, liberalism
About Hungary English
Online 2013 International Communications Office
Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister
Official blog of the Prime Minister
Alfahír Hungarian Online 2009 Kiegyensúlyozott Médiáért Alapítvány Right, nationalism
Átlátszó.hu Hungarian Online 2011 Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. Left, liberalism, investigative journalism
Blikk Hungarian Both 1994 Ringier-Axel Springer[3] Left, sensationalism, tabloid
Bors Hungarian Both 1989 KESMA Right, sensationalism, tabloid
Budapester Zeitung German Online 1999 ? Left, liberalism
Daily News Hungary English Online 2013 DNH Media Group Kft. Cultural
Economx Hungarian Online 1999 Indamedia Network Zrt. Left, business and finance
Ez a Lényeg Hungarian Online 2019 Oraculum 2020 Kft. Left, socialism
Hungary Today English Online ? Friends of Hungary Foundation Pro-government
Index Hungarian Online 1995 Indamedia Network Zrt. Right, conservatism
Mérce Hungarian Online 2008 Kettős Mérce Blog Egyesület Left, social democracy
Kitekintő Hungarian Online 2007 Flux Communications Foreign policy Hungarian Online 2006 WBY Ltd. Far-right, neo-Nazism
Le Journal Francophone de Budapest French Online ? ? Cultural
Magyar Hírlap Hungarian Online 1968 Gábor Széles Right, conservatism
Magyar Jelen Hungarian Online ? Innovatív Kommunikáció Alapítvány Far-right, conservatism
Magyar Kurír Hungarian Online 1911 Catholic Bishops' Conference of Hungary Catholic journalism
Magyar Nemzet Hungarian Both 1938 KESMA Right, conservatism
Media1 Hungarian Online 2019 Media1 Digitális Média Kft. Media news
Metropol Hungarian Both 2020 KESMA Right, conservatism
Nemzeti Sport Hungarian Both 1903 KESMA Sports
Neokohn Hungarian
Online 2019 Brit Media Group Centre, Jewish journalism
Népszava Hungarian Both 1877 Tamás Leisztinger Left, social-democratic
Nyugati Fény Hungarian Online 2012 ? Left, social liberalism
Origo Hungarian Online 1998 KESMA Right, conservatism
Pesti Bulvár Hungarian Online ? Médiacom Left, liberalism, investigative journalism
PestiSrácok Hungarian Online 2012 Gerilla Press Kft. Right, conservatism, investigative journalism Hungarian
Online 1999 NET Média Left, liberalism, business and economics
Rossijskij Kurier Russian Online ? ? Cultural
Színes Ász Hungarian Print 2004 Színesászmédia Kft. Tabloid -
Szeretlek Magyarország Hungarian Online ? Szeretlek Magyarország Médiacsoport Cultural
Telex Hungarian
Online 2020 Van Másik Kft. Left, liberalism
Ungarn Heute German Online ? Friends of Hungary Foundation Cultural
Vasárnap Hungarian Online ? Kovács K. Zoltán Alapítvány Right, conservatism, Catholic journalism
Válasz Online Hungarian Online 2018 Válasz Online Kiadó Kft. Centre, investigative journalism
Velvet Hungarian Online 2002 Indamedia Network Zrt. Tabloid
Világgazdaság Hungarian Online 1969 KESMA Right, business and finance
Zsúrpubi Hungarian Online ? HUNGÁRIA MÉDIA[4] Right, national radicalism


Title Language Print / Online Est. Owner Orientation Link
A Szabadság Hungarian Both 1989 Hungarian Workers' Party Far-left, communism
Csók és Könny Hungarian Print 1992 Ringier-Axel Springer Love stories, mysteries of mind and body -
Evangélikus Élet Hungarian Both 1933 Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Hungary Lutheran journalism
Élet és Irodalom Hungarian Both 1923 Élet és Irodalom Baráti Társaság
Élet és Irodalom Alapítvány
Left, liberalism, literary and political life
Élet és Tudomány Hungarian Both 1946 Society for Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge
(Tudományos Ismeretterjesztő Társulat, TIT)
Scientific, educational
Fanny Hungarian Print ? ? Women's magazine -
Foaia Românească Romanian Both ? ? Cultural journalism of minorities
Füles Hungarian Print 1957 Central Media Group Puzzle magazine -
Hetek Hungarian Both 1997 Faith Church, Hungary Pentecostal journalism, yellow journalism
Heti Világgazdaság (HVG) Hungarian Both 1979 HVG Kiadó Left, liberalism, business and economics
HOT! Hungarian Print 2006 Mediaworks Tabloid -
Hrvatski glasnik Croatian language Both 1991 Croatica Cultural journalism of minorities
Jelen Hungarian Both 2020 Liberty Press Bt. Left, liberalism
Kiskegyed Hungarian Both 2000 Ringier-Axel Springer Tabloid, women's magazine
Ľudové noviny Slovak language Both 1957 SlovakUm Cultural journalism of minorities
Mandiner Hungarian Both 1999 KESMA Right, conservatism
Magyar Demokrata Hungarian Both 1989 Artamondo Kft. Right, conservatism
Magyar Hang Hungarian Both 2018 Alhambra Press Bt. Right, liberalism
Magyar Narancs Hungarian Both 1989 Left, liberalism
Munkások Újsága Hungarian Both 2011 Yes Solidarity for Hungary Movement Left, democratic socialism
Neue Zeitung German language Both 1957 Neue Zeitung Stiftung Cultural journalism of minorities
Nők Lapja Hungarian Both 1949 Central Media Group Women's magazine
Országút Hungarian Both 2020 Magyar Szemle Alapítvány Right, conservatism, literary and political life
Orvosi Hetilap Hungarian Print 1857 Hungarian Academy of Sciences Medical journalism -
Pester Lloyd German Online 1853 Pester Lloyd Left, liberalism
Pesti Hírlap Hungarian Both 2020 Brit Media Group Centre, liberalism
Reformátusok Lapja Hungarian Both 1957 Reformed Church in Hungary Calvinist journalism
Ripost7 Hungarian Both 2015 KESMA Right, sensationalism, tabloid
Sport plusz Hungarian Print ? ? Sports
Srpske narodne novine Serbian language Print ? ? Cultural journalism of minorities ?
Story Hungarian Both ? ? Tabloid
Szabad Föld Hungarian Both 1944 KESMA Right, rural magazine
Tvr-hét Hungarian Both ? Ringier-Axel Springer TV Guide
Új Ember Hungarian Both 1945 Catholic Church in Hungary Catholic journalism
Új Egyenlőség Hungarian Online 2016 Új Egyenlőség Alapítvány Left, social democracy, Nordic model
Vasárnap Reggel Hungarian Print ? KESMA Tabloid -





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Monthly newspapers

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