This article lists political parties in Uganda. Until a constitutional referendum in July 2005, only one political organization, the Movement (also called the National Resistance Movement) was allowed to operate in Uganda. The president, who also chairs the Movement, maintained that the Movement was not a political party, but a mass organization that claimed the loyalty of all Ugandans.

Until the 2005 referendum, the 1995 constitution had required the suspension of political parties while the Movement organization was in governance. Other political parties could technically exist but were prohibited from sponsoring candidates and holding meetings.

Registered political parties are now allowed to operate openly and contest elections. However, sometimes they find hardship in practicing their rights by the party in power.

Active political parties

Parties with parliamentary representation

Party Abbr. Leader Political position Ideology MPs
National Resistance Movement
Harakati za Upinzani za Kitaifa
NRM Yoweri Museveni Big tent
(Dominantly Right-wing)
Ugandan nationalism
Economic liberalism
Social conservatism
Right-wing populism
336 / 529
National Unity Platform
Jukwaa la Umoja wa Kitaifa
NUP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Centre-left Constitutionalism
57 / 529
Forum for Democratic Change
Jukwaa la Mabadiliko ya Kidemokrasia
FDC Patrick Amuriat Oboi Centre-right Liberal democracy
Liberal conservatism
32 / 529
Democratic Party
Chama cha Kidemokrasia
DP Norbert Mao Centre-right Christian democracy
Social conservatism
9 / 529
Uganda People's Congress
Congress ya Watu wa Uganda
UPC Jimmy Micheal Akena Centre-left
(with Left-wing factions)
Social democracy
African nationalism
9 / 529
Justice Forum JEEMA Asuman Basalirwa Syncretic Constitutionalism
Social conservatism
1 / 529
People's Progressive Party PPP Jaberi Bidandi Ssali Centre-left to Left-wing Social democracy
1 / 529


As of September 2023, the Uganda Electoral Commission lists 26 registered political parties on its website. Some of the listed parties include the following:[1]

Defunct political parties

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