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This article lists political parties in Morocco.

Morocco has had a multi-party system since independence in 1956 with numerous parties ranging in ideology from the far-left to Islamists. The Moroccan electoral system leads the political parties to seek coalition governments. However, the Prime Minister appointed by the King from the party that achieved a plurality in the parliamentary elections, and four other main cabinet ministers are appointed by the King of Morocco.[1]

Since Morocco considers the disputed territory of Western Sahara to be its Southern Provinces, the political parties are also active in those parts of the territory administered by Morocco.[2]

Parties represented in parliament

Party Abbr. Est. Leader Political
Ideology Councillors Representatives
National Rally of Independents
Arabic: التجمع الوطني للاحرار
French: Rassemblement national des indépendants
Berber languages: ⴰⴳⵔⴰⵡ ⴰⵏⴰⵎⵓⵔ ⵢ ⵉⵏⵙⵉⵎⴰⵏⵏ
RNI 1978 Aziz Akhannouch Centre to
Classical liberalism
Economic liberalism
27 / 120
102 / 395
Authenticity and Modernity Party
Arabic: حزب الأصالة والمعاصرة
French: Parti authenticité et modernité
Berber languages: ⴰⵎⵓⵍⵍⵉ ⵏ ⵜⴰⵥⵖⵓⵕⵜ ⴷ ⵜⴰⵎⵜⵔⴰⵔⵜ
PAM 2008 Abdellatif Ouahbi Syncretic Reformism
Social liberalism
19 / 120
87 / 395
Istiqlal Party
Arabic: حزب الاستقلال
French: Parti de l'Istiqlal
Berber languages: ⴰⴽⴰⴱⴰⵔ ⵏ ⵍⵉⵙⵜⵉⵇⵍⴰⵍ
PI 1937 Nizar Baraka Centre-right Conservatism
17 / 120
81 / 395
Socialist Union of Popular Forces
Arabic: الاتحاد الاشتراكي للقوات الشعبية
French: Union socialiste des forces populaires
Berber languages: ⵜⴰⵎⵓⵏⵜ ⵜⴰⵏⵎⵍⴰⵢⵜ ⵏⵉⵖⴰⵍⵍⵏ ⵉⴳⴷⵓⴷⴰⵏⵏ
USFP 1975 Driss Lachgar Centre-left Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Social liberalism
8 / 120
34 / 395
Popular Movement
Arabic: الحركة الشعبية
French: Mouvement populaire
Berber languages: ⴰⵎⵓⵙⵙⵓ ⴰⵎⴷⵏⴰⵏ
MP 1957 Mohand Laenser Centre-right Conservative liberalism
12 / 120
28 / 395
Party of Progress and Socialism
Arabic: حزب التقدم والاشتراكية
French: Parti du progrès et du socialisme
Berber languages: ⴰⴽⴰⴱⴰⵔ ⵏ ⵓⴼⴰⵔⴰ ⴷ ⵜⵏⵎⵍⴰ
PPS 1974 Nabil Benabdallah Left-wing Progressivism
0 / 120
22 / 395
Constitutional Union
Arabic: الاتحاد الدستوري
French: Union constitutionnelle
Berber languages: ⴰⵍⵉⵜⵜⵉⴰⴷ ⴰⴷⴷⵓⵙⵜⵓⵔⵉ
UC 1983 Mohammed Sajid Centre-right Monarchism
Liberal conservatism
Conservative liberalism
Economic liberalism
3 / 120
18 / 395
Justice and Development Party
Arabic: حزب العدالة و التنمية
French: Parti de la justice et du développement
Berber languages: ⴰⴽⴰⴱⴰⵔ ⵏ ⵜⴰⵏⵣⵣⴰⵔⴼⵓⵜ ⴷ ⵜⴰⵏⴼⵍⵉⵜ
PJD 1998 Abdelilah Benkirane Right-wing Islamic democracy
3 / 120
13 / 395
Democratic and Social Movement
Arabic: الحركة الديمقراطية والاجتماعية
French: Mouvement démocratique et social
MDS 1996 Mahmoud Archane Centre-right Royalism
1 / 120
5 / 395
Front of Democratic Forces
Arabic: جبهة القوى الديمقراطية
French: Front des forces démocratiques
FFD 1997 Thami El Khyari Left-wing Socialism
0 / 120
3 / 395
Party of Hope
Arabic: حزب الأمل
French: Parti de l'espoir
PE 1999 Mohamed Beni
Ould Baraka
Centre Modernism
1 / 120
0 / 395
Federation of the Democratic Left
Arabic: فيدرالية اليسار الديمقراطي
French: Alliance de la fédération de gauche
Berber languages: ⵜⴰⴼⵉⴷⵉⵔⴰⵍⵉⵜ ⵏ ⵓⵥⵍⵎⴰⴹ ⴰⵎⴰⴳⴷⴰⵢ
FGD 2007 Left-wing Socialism
0 / 120
1 / 395
Unified Socialist Party
Arabic: الحزب الإشتراكي الموحد
French: Parti socialiste unifié
Berber languages: ⴰⵎⵓⵍⵍⵉ ⴰⵙⵔⵎⵓⵏ ⵉⵎⵓⵏⵏ
PSU 2005 Jamal El Asri Left-wing Democratic socialism
Left-wing nationalism

Left-wing populism

0 / 120
1 / 395
Moroccan Workers' Union
Arabic: الاتحاد المغربي للشغل
French: Union marocaine du travail
UMT 1955 Miloudi Moukharik Labourism
8 / 120
0 / 395
General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises [fr]
Arabic: الاتحاد العام لمقاولات المغرب
French: Confédération générale des entreprises du Maroc
CGEM 1947 Chakib Alj Employers' organization
8 / 120
0 / 395
General Union of Moroccan Workers
Arabic: الاتحاد العام للشغالين بالمغرب
French: Union générale des travailleurs du Maroc
UGTM 1960 Enaam Mayara Labourism
Aligned with PI
6 / 120
0 / 395
National Labour Union of Morocco
Arabic: الاتحاد الوطني للشغل بالمغرب
French: Union national du travail au Maroc
UNTM 1973 Abdelslam Maâti Labourism
Aligned with PJD
2 / 120
0 / 395
Democratic Federation of Labour
Arabic: الاتحاد الديمقراطي للعمل
French: Fédération démocratique du travail
FDT 2003 Tayeb Mounchid Labourism
1 / 120
0 / 395

Parties without parliamentary representation

Defunct parties

Banned parties

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