The University of Basel is the oldest institution of higher learning in Switzerland.

This list of universities in Switzerland lists all public and private higher education institutions accredited and coordinated according the Federal Act on Funding and Coordination of the Swiss Higher Education Sector (short: Federal Higher Education Act, HEdA).[1]

This includes all 12 publicly funded Swiss universities (10 cantonal universities and 2 federal institutes of technology) and a number of public and private Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences and other education institutions as higher education institutions. The Swiss University Conference and its accreditation body the CRUS-OAQ is responsible for their recognition; an accreditation also defines the right to call itself accordingly.[2][1][3]


Institution Abbreviation Location Founded Language Type Enrollment
University of Basel UNIBAS Basel 1460 German / English Public (cantonal) 13,139
University of Bern UNIBE Bern 1834 German / English Public (cantonal) 17,882
University of Fribourg UNIFR Fribourg 1889 French / German Public (cantonal) 10,000
University of Geneva UNIGE Geneva 1559 French / English Public (cantonal) 16,530
University of Neuchâtel UNINE Neuchâtel 1838 French / English Public (cantonal) 4,173
University of Lausanne UNIL Lausanne 1537 French / English Public (cantonal) 13,500
University of Lucerne UNILU Lucerne 2000 German / English Public (cantonal) 3,037
Università della Svizzera Italiana USI Lugano 1995 Italian / English Public (cantonal) 2,862
University of St. Gallen HSG St. Gallen 1898 German / English Public (cantonal) 8,553
University of Zurich UZH Zürich 1833 German / English Public (cantonal) 26,356
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne EPFL Lausanne 1853 French / English Public (federal) 10,686
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich ETH / ETHZ Zürich 1855 German / English Public (federal) 20,607

Universities of Applied Sciences

There are ten public and one private Universities of Applied Sciences (or German: Fachhochschule (FH), French: Haute école specialisée (HES), and Italian: scuola universitaria professionale (SUP)) in Switzerland.


Higher education institutions of art and music

Universities of teacher education

According to diploma recognition by the EDK / CDIP:

Other institutions of the higher education sector

International rankings for the public universities


In relation to its population size, Switzerland is the country with the highest number of universities among the 100 best of the Academic Ranking of World Universities (2014–2015).[5]

Switzerland Top Universities in 2020/21

A list of Switzerland top universities as per three major ranking platforms ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities), THE (Times Higher Education) and the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds).[citation needed]

World rankings
University Location ARWU
ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich 20 14 6
EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) Lausanne 83 43 14
University of Zurich Zürich 56 73 69
University of Basel Basel 88 92 149
University of Geneva Geneva 59 149 106
University of Lausanne Lausanne 101–150 191 169
University of Bern Bern 101–150 109 114
University of Fribourg Fribourg 401–500 351–400 601–650
Università della Svizzera Italiana Lugano 701–800 251–300 273
University of St. Gallen (HSG) St.Gallen - 401–500 428
University of Neuchâtel Neuchâtel 901–1000 401–500 -

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