This article is a list of diseases of wheat (Triticum spp.) grouped by causative agent.

Bacterial diseases

Bacterial diseases
Bacterial leaf blight
Bacterial mosaic
Bacterial sheath rot
Basal glume rot
Black chaff = bacterial leaf streak
Pink seed
  • Erwinia rhapontici
Spike blight = gummosis

Fungal diseases

Fungal diseases
Alternaria leaf blight[1]
Ascochyta leaf spot
Aureobasidium decay
Black head molds = sooty molds
Black point = kernel smudge associated with fungal infection, primarily:[2]
Cephalosporium stripe
Common bunt = stinking smut
Common root rot
Cottony snow mold
crown rot of wheatCrown rot = foot rot, seedling blight, dryland root rot
Dilophospora leaf spot = twist
Downy mildew = crazy top
Dwarf bunt
Eyespot = foot rot, strawbreaker
  • Tapesia yallundae
  • Ramulispora herpotrichoides [anamorph]
    • Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides W-pathotype
  • Tapesia acuformis
  • Ramulispora acuformis [anamorph]
    • Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides var. acuformis R-pathoytpe
False eyespot
Flag smut
Foot rot = dryland foot rot
Halo spot
Karnal bunt = partial bunt
Leaf rust = brown rust
Leptosphaeria leaf spot
Loose smut
Microscopica leaf spot
Phoma spot
Pink snow mold = Fusarium patch
Platyspora leaf spot
Powdery mildew
Pythium root rot
Rhizoctonia root rot
Ring spot = Wirrega blotch
Scab = head blight = Fusarium head blight (FHB)[3]
Sclerotinia snow mold = snow scald
Sclerotium wilt (see Southern blight)
Septoria blotch[4]
Sharp eyespot
Snow rot
Southern blight = Sclerotium base rot
Speckled snow mold = gray snow mold or Typhula blight
Spot blotch
Stagonospora blotch[4]
Stem rust = black rust
Storage molds
Stripe rust = yellow rust
Tan spot = yellow leaf spot, red smudge
Tar spot
Wheat Blast
Zoosporic root rot

Viral diseases

Viral diseases
African cereal streak see Maize streak
Agropyron mosaic genus Rymovirus, Agropyron mosaic virus (AgMV)
Australian wheat striate mosaic see Chloris striate mosaic
Barley stripe mosaic genus Hordeivirus, Barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV)
Barley yellow dwarf genus Luteovirus, Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV)
Barley yellow streak mosaic Barley yellow streak mosaic virus
Barley yellow striate mosaic genus Cytorhabdovirus, Barley yellow striate mosaic virus (BYSMV)
Barley yellow stripe see Barley stripe mosaic
Brome mosaic genus Bromovirus, Brome mosaic virus (BMV)
Cereal northern mosaic genus Cytorhabdovirus, Cereal northern mosaic virus (NCMV)
Cereal tillering Cereal tillering virus
Chloris striate mosaic genus Monogeminivirus, Chloris striate mosaic virus (CSMV)
Cocksfoot mottle genus Sobemovirus, Cocksfoot mottle virus (CoMV)
Eastern wheat striate Eastern wheat striate virus
Enanismo Probable virus or phytoplasma
High plains disease Probable virus. Vectored by wheat curl mite, Aceria tosichella
Maize streak genus Monogeminivirus, Maize streak virus (MSV)
Northern cereal mosaic genus Cytorhabdovirus, Cereal northern mosaic virus (NCMV)
Oat sterile dwarf genus Fijivirus, Oat sterile dwarf virus (OSDV)
Rice black-streaked dwarf genus Fijivirus, Rice black-streaked dwarf virus (RBSDV)
Rice hoja blanca genus Tenuivirus, Rice hoja blanca virus (RHBV)
Russian winter wheat mosaic genus Cytorhabdovirus, Russian winter wheat mosaic virus (WWRMV)
Seedborne wheat yellows Seedborne wheat yellows viroid
Tobacco mosaic genus Tobamovirus, Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)
Wheat American striate mosaic genus Nucleorhabdovirus, Wheat American striate mosaic virus (WASMV)
Wheat chlorotic streak = Wheat chlorotic streak mosaic see Barley yellow striate mosaic
Wheat dwarf genus Monogeminivirus, Wheat dwarf virus (WDV)
Wheat European striate mosaic genus Tenuivirus, Wheat European striate mosaic virus (EWSMV)
genus Emaravirus, Wheat mosaic virus (WMoV)
Wheat rosette stunt see Cereal northern mosaic
Wheat soilborne mosaic genus Furovirus, Wheat soil-borne mosaic virus (SBWMV)
Wheat soilborne yellow mosaic Wheat soil-borne yellow mosaic virus
Wheat spindle streak mosaic a strain of Wheat yellow mosaic virus
Wheat spot mosaic Probable virus or phytoplasma
Wheat streak mosaic genus Tritimovirus, Wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV)
Wheat striate mosaic see Wheat American striate mosaic
Wheat yellow leaf genus Closterovirus, Wheat yellow leaf virus (WYLV)
Wheat yellow mosaic Wheat yellow mosaic virus = Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus

Phytoplasmal diseases

Phytoplasmal diseases
Aster yellows Aster yellows phytoplasma

Nematodes, parasitic

Nematodes, parasitic
Cereal cyst nematode[5] Heterodera avenae
Grass cyst nematode Punctodera punctata
Root gall nematode Subanguina spp.
Root-knot nematode[5] Meloidogyne spp.
  • Meloidogyne naasi
  • Meloidogyne chitwoodi
Seed gall = ear-cockle nematode = wheat gall nematode[5] Anguina tritici


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