The S12 district lies within the City of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The district contains 13 listed buildings that are recorded in the National Heritage List for England. All the listed buildings are designated at Grade II, the lowest of the three grades, which is applied to "buildings of national importance and special interest".[1] The district is in the south east of the city of Sheffield, and covers the areas of Birley, Charnock, Gleadless, Gleadless Townend, Frecheville, Hackenthorpe and Intake.

For neighbouring areas, see listed buildings in S2, listed buildings in S8, listed buildings in S13, listed buildings in S14, listed buildings in S20 and listed buildings in Eckington, Derbyshire.


Name and location Street Photograph Date Notes
Greenside House
53°20′41″N 1°22′19″W / 53.34465°N 1.37199°W / 53.34465; -1.37199 (GREENSIDE AND ADJOINING GARDEN WALL)
Beighton Road Early 18th century
Newlands Farmhouse, Cottages, Walls and Railings
53°19′47″N 1°23′14″W / 53.32973°N 1.38734°W / 53.32973; -1.38734 (NEWLANDS FARMHOUSE AND ADJOINING COTTAGES BOUNDARY WALLS AND RAILINGS)
High Lane Mid 18th Century
Newlands Farmhouse Coach House and Stable
53°19′46″N 1°23′16″W / 53.32955°N 1.38766°W / 53.32955; -1.38766 (COACH HOUSE AND STABLE 10 METRES WEST OF NEWLANDS FARMHOUSE)
High Lane Late 18th Century
Commonside Farmhouse
53°21′08″N 1°25′50″W / 53.35212°N 1.43049°W / 53.35212; -1.43049 (COMMONSIDE FARMHOUSE AND ADJOINING FARM BUILDINGS)
Gleadless Common About 1800
Newlands Farmhouse Garden Wall
53°19′46″N 1°23′15″W / 53.32947°N 1.38739°W / 53.32947; -1.38739 (GARDEN WALL 25 METRES SOUTH OF NEWLANDS FARMHOUSE)
High Lane About 1800
Birley Spa
53°20′52″N 1°23′12″W / 53.34773°N 1.38676°W / 53.34773; -1.38676 (Birley Spa)
Birley Spa Lane Early 19th century
Christ Church, Gleadless Townend
53°21′05″N 1°25′24″W / 53.35137°N 1.42331°W / 53.35137; -1.42331 (CHRIST CHURCH)
Hollinsend Road 1839
Christ Church Wall and Gates
53°21′04″N 1°25′26″W / 53.35115°N 1.42398°W / 53.35115; -1.42398 (BOUNDARY WALL AND GATES TO CHRIST CHURCH)
Hollinsend Road About 1839
Intake Cemetery Chapel
53°21′26″N 1°24′54″W / 53.35731°N 1.41496°W / 53.35731; -1.41496 (CHAPEL AT INTAKE CEMETERY)
Mansfield Road 1879 Designed by Innocent and Brown
Intake Cemetery Lodge, Wall and Washhouse
53°21′25″N 1°24′55″W / 53.35706°N 1.41524°W / 53.35706; -1.41524 (LODGE AND ATTACHED WALL AND WASH HOUSE AT INTAKE CEMETERY)
Mansfield Road 1879 Designed by Innocent and Brown
Intake Cemetery Wall and Gates
53°21′25″N 1°24′55″W / 53.35696°N 1.41520°W / 53.35696; -1.41520 (BOUNDARY WALL AND GATES AT INTAKE CEMETERY)
Mansfield Road 1879 Designed by Innocent and Brown
War Memorial and Wall
53°21′03″N 1°25′26″W / 53.35087°N 1.42385°W / 53.35087; -1.42385 (WAR MEMORIAL AND ENCLOSING WALL 100 METRES WEST OF CHRIST CHURCH)
Hollinsend Road About 1920
Hackenthorpe War Memorial
53°20′36″N 1°22′44″W / 53.34345°N 1.37883°W / 53.34345; -1.37883 (Hackenthorpe War Memorial)
Sheffield Road Before 1933



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