This is a list of listed buildings in the S5 district of Sheffield, in England. This includes the areas of Firth Park, Fir Vale, Longley, Parson Cross, Shirecliffe, Shiregreen, Southey Green and Wadsley Bridge.

For neighbouring areas, see listed buildings in S3, listed buildings in S4, listed buildings in S6, listed buildings in S9, listed buildings in S35 and listed buildings in Rotherham (Keppel Ward).

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Building Grade Street Image Date built Notes
Abbey Grange Nursing Home
53°24′40″N 1°26′51″W / 53.41105°N 1.44739°W / 53.41105; -1.44739 (ABBEYGRANGE NURSING HOME AND ADJOINING FORMER STABLE ENTRANCE)
II Cammel Road
Late-18th century Formerly Page Hall
Chesterman House and Wycliffe House
53°24′28″N 1°27′28″W / 53.40779°N 1.45765°W / 53.40779; -1.45765 (Chesterman House, Wycliffe House, main outbuilding range and boundary walls)
II Herries Road 1894 Designed by C. J. Innocent
Concord Park Barn
53°25′33″N 1°26′23″W / 53.42584°N 1.43966°W / 53.42584; -1.43966 (BARN AT WEST ENTRANCE TO CONCORD PARK)
II Oaks Lane
Early-17th century
Firth Park Lodge and Pavilion
53°24′47″N 1°26′40″W / 53.41317°N 1.44447°W / 53.41317; -1.44447 (SHEFFIELD CITY COUNCIL SPORT AND DEVELOPMENT SECTION DISTRICT OFFICE)
II Firth Park Road
Mid-19th century
Firth Park Methodist Church
53°25′07″N 1°26′54″W / 53.41851°N 1.44830°W / 53.41851; -1.44830 (FIRTH PARK METHODIST CHURCH, ADJOINING MEETING ROOM AND BOUNDARY WALL)
II Stubbin Lane
1911 Designed by F. W. Chapman and J. Mansell Jenkinson
Fir Vale Trinity Methodist Church
53°24′29″N 1°27′00″W / 53.40805°N 1.44994°W / 53.40805; -1.44994 (Trinity Fir Vale Methodist Church)
II Firth Park Road
Five Arches
53°24′46″N 1°29′35″W / 53.41264°N 1.49306°W / 53.41264; -1.49306 (RAILWAY VIADUCT)
II Herries Road
1845 Designed by Joseph Locke
Goddard Hall
53°24′30″N 1°27′28″W / 53.40834°N 1.45791°W / 53.40834; -1.45791 (GODDARD HALL)
II Herries Road
Early-19th century Now part of the Northern General Hospital
1-7 Hatfield House Croft
53°25′28″N 1°27′01″W / 53.42446°N 1.45029°W / 53.42446; -1.45029 (1-7, HATFIELD HOUSE CROFT)
II Hatfield House Croft
Late-18th century
2 Hatfield House Court
53°25′27″N 1°27′02″W / 53.42428°N 1.45060°W / 53.42428; -1.45060 (2, HATFIELD HOUSE COURT)
II Hatfield House Croft
Late-16th century
Longley Hall
53°24′54″N 1°27′40″W / 53.41510°N 1.46119°W / 53.41510; -1.46119 (LONGLEY HALL)
II Longley Lane
Late-18th century
Norwood Grange Cottage, Barn, Coach House and Stables
53°24′42″N 1°27′52″W / 53.41177°N 1.46435°W / 53.41177; -1.46435 (Cottage, barn, coach house and stables, Norwood Grange)
II Longley Lane Mid-19th century
St Cuthbert
53°24′28″N 1°27′06″W / 53.40784°N 1.45154°W / 53.40784; -1.45154 (CHURCH OF ST CUTHBERT)
II Barnsley Road
1904 Designed by John Dodsley Webster and Son
St James and St Christopher
53°25′43″N 1°26′32″W / 53.42871°N 1.44233°W / 53.42871; -1.44233 (CHURCH OF ST JAMES AND ST CHRISTOPHER)
II Bellhouse Road
St James and St Christopher Wall and Gates
53°25′43″N 1°26′31″W / 53.42865°N 1.44203°W / 53.42865; -1.44203 (BOUNDARY WALL AND GATES TO CHURCH OF ST JAMES AND ST CHRISTOPHER)
II Bellhouse Road
St Paul
53°25′59″N 1°28′09″W / 53.43317°N 1.46930°W / 53.43317; -1.46930 (CHURCH OF ST PAUL)
II* Wordsworth Avenue
1959 Designed by Basil Spence
Sewer Gas Lamp
53°25′06″N 1°26′04″W / 53.41843°N 1.43446°W / 53.41843; -1.43446 (SEWER GAS LAMP AT JUNCTION WITH MONCKTON ROAD)
II Shiregreen Lane
Late-19th century At junction with Monckton Road
Wincobank Chapel
53°25′02″N 1°26′03″W / 53.41728°N 1.43420°W / 53.41728; -1.43420 (WINCOBANK UNDENOMINATIONAL CHAPEL AND ADJOINING SCHOOLROOM)
II Wincobank Avenue