The former Wesley College, now King Edward VII School.
The former Wesley College, now King Edward VII School.

Wesley College, a school to educate the sons of the laity, opened in 1838 in new buildings designed by William Flockton on Glossop Road, Sheffield, England. It was founded by Rev. Samuel Dousland Waddy (1804–1876) to "supply a generally superior and classical education, combined with religious training in the principles of Methodism" and was initially called the "Wesleyan Proprietary Grammar School".[1] The change in name to Wesley College seems to have taken place in 1844, when a "Royal Warrant, constituting the Sheffield Wesley College a college of the University of London was forwarded to Mr Waddy (subsequently Governor, from 1844 to 1862) by Sir James Graham, which empowered the college to issue certificates to candidates for examination for the several degrees of Bachelor and Master of Arts, and Bachelor and Doctor of Laws". A year later it spurred Rev. James Gillman, William Ferguson, William Stewart and Thomas Waugh in Dublin, Ireland to consider creating a similar school in Dublin. The school accepted its first 90 boarders on 8 August 1838. By 1841 the number of pupils had increased to 172. In 1905 Wesley College was purchased by Sheffield Council and merged with Sheffield Royal Grammar School to form King Edward VII School (Upper School Site), named after the reigning monarch. The building was recently refurbished, with the addition of a sports hall and science block, as part of the BSF programme [2]

Headmasters of Wesley College

1837–1853 John Manners, M.A.
1853–1888 Henry McE Shera, M.A. LLD.
1888–1891 Joseph J. Findlay, M.A. Ph.D
1891–1905 Valentine W. Pearson, B.A.

Governors of Wesley College

1837–1842 Rev John McLean
1842–1844 Rev Isaac Keeling
1844–1862 Samuel Dousland Waddy
1862–? Rev John James
  Rev John Harvard
  Rev William Jessop
1879–1888 Rev William Dallinger FRS

[Wesley College was run from 1837 to 1888 by a 'Dyarchy', comprising the Governor and the Headmaster, the Governor being the senior of the pair (in theory).]

Notable alumni of Wesley College

Notable teachers of Wesley College


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