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Mazda Chantez EV
Body and chassis
ClassConcept car
Body style2-door Hatch
LayoutRear engine, Rear-wheel drive
RelatedMazda Chantez
Electric motor8.0 kW (10.7 hp)
Range65 km (40 mi)
Wheelbase2,200 mm (86.6 in)
Length2,995 mm (117.9 in)
Width1,295 mm (51.0 in)
Height1,290 mm (50.8 in)

The Mazda Chantez EV was a concept car designed by Mazda as part of the A.I.S.T. government funded scheme, it was first unveiled at the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show.



The Chantez EV features a unique grill-less appearance which helps with aerodynamic efficiency, also to aid with efficiency is Mazda's first car with regenerative braking.


The Chantez EV has a single 8.0 kW (10.7 hp) electric motor, rear-mounted driving the rear axle, powered by a 9.6 kWh battery pack rated to deliver a total output of up to 8.0 kW (10.7 hp). It has a claimed top speed of 65 km/h (40 mph).[1]


The battery replaces the location of the rear seat and will supply a range of about 65 km (40 mi) on its 9.6 kWh battery pack.

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