Mazda Shinari
DesignerIkuo Maeda
Body and chassis
ClassConcept sports sedan Mid-size car (D)
Body style4-door 4-seat sedan
LayoutFront-engine, front-wheel-drive
RelatedMazda6 (GJ)
Transmission6-speed Skyactiv-Drive automatic
SuccessorMazda Takeri

The Mazda Shinari is a concept car produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda, presented at the LA Auto Show in 2010.[1]

It comes in the form of a four-door coupé and its name which indicates the momentum or the start of the movement for a person or an animal,[2] thus its slender design, resulting from a collaboration between Japanese, American and European offices is signed by Yong Wook Cho, it was the first concept car to adopt the "Kodo" style[3] "the soul of the movement" from Mazda.[4]

Rear view

The presence of many elements of standard cars such as seat belts or the position of left hand drive led to speculation about the marketing of a model standard for America and Europe such as a new Mazda6.[4]


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