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M2 (エムツー, Emu Tsū) was an automobile manufacturer and subsidiary of the Mazda Motor Corporation. The company existed from 1991 to 1995 and was also known under its nickname Mazda Two. M2 was responsible for the development and the production of vehicle parts, such as bodykits. The headquarters was inside the M2 Building in Tokyo, Japan. The showrooms of complete vehicles was inside the affiliated Setagaya Matsudarotari (Mazda Rotary) Building. The company was closed in 1995 and was a victim of the financial crisis of 1995. The vehicles of the brand were produced in only small numbers, making them a high priority for collectors. Most known M2 vehicles are currently registered in Japan although some have made it overseas to the USA.

Model overview

Model Description Status Year
M2 1001 "Cafe Racer" / "Clubman" Sport-tuned version of Eunos Roadster 300 units built[1][2][3] 1991-1992
M2 1002 "Vintage" Comfort-focused version of Eunos Roadster 40 units built[4][5] 1992
M2 1003 "Junior"[3] Lightweight, hardcore version of Eunos Roadster Cancelled over weak M2 1002 sales, prototype converted into M2 1008[6]
M2 1004 "Fullhouse" High-roof van version of Autozam Revue Concept 1991
M2 1005 "WRC" / Mazda Familia Sport-4 Group A rally version of Mazda Familia Concept, evolved into M2 1023 1989
M2 1006 "Cobra"[3] High-power version of Eunos Roadster with JE-ZE V6 Cancelled due to large amount of modifications required,[7] 2 prototypes built[6] 1992
M2 1007[3] 4 door sports car Cancelled
M2 1008 "Berlinetta" Coupe based on Eunos Roadster Cancelled, replica later built 1994
M2 1009 Small SUV Concept 1991
M2 1010 Coupé utility based on Mazda Familia Concept
M2 1011 Luxury version of Eunos Cosmo Concept
M2 1012 "Clubhouse" Luxury version of ɛ̃fini MPV Concept
M2 1013
M2 1014 Off-road version of Autozam AZ-1 Concept 1993
M2 1015 Autozam AZ-1 with styling upgrades[8] 50 units built 1994
M2 1015A Rally-inspired version of Autozam AZ-1[9] Concept 1994
M2 1015B Autozam AZ-1 with detachable plastic roof panels[9][10] Concept 1994
M2 1016
M2 1017
M2 1018
M2 1019 "S. Presso" Sport-tuned version of Eunos Presso with KL-ZE V6 Cancelled
M2 1020 Sport-tuned version of ɛ̃fini RX-7 Cancelled, 2 prototypes built, would inspire Mazda RX-7 SP 1995 (planned)
M2 1021
M2 1022 5 door hatchback, originally a large MPV Evolved into and entered production as the Mazda Demio[7]
M2 1023 / Mazda Familia Sport-4 Production version of M2 1005 Concept 1989
M2 1024 Camper version of Mazda Bongo Friendee Entered production as the Mazda Bongo Friendee Auto Free Top[7]
M2 1025
M2 1026
M2 1027
M2 1028 "Street Competition" Track-focused version of Eunos Roadster 300 units built[11] 1994
M2 1029
M2 1030
M2 1031 Wheelchair adapted Eunos Roadster Concept


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